How To Read This Site

Well more specifically how to read the majority of content on this site. I dont want to insult my visitors by suggesting they cant figure out how to read basic prose. But for some reason I’m paranoid that people arent reading the review entries “properly”. I honestly have no idea why. But as I’m currently at a bit of a loose end I’ve thrown together the following visual guide on how to get the most out of reading my opinions (I’m far too good to you gentle reader).

The “reviews”

Generally you are not going to find a lot of traditional reviews on here. As mentioned above I generally provide a link to traditional summary based reviews and I simply ramble on about how I felt about the text in question. Often with tedious and graphic anecdotes from my life. So now you know.

The rating system

I’m not a big fan of assigning arbitrary scores to things. Especially when there’s no generally agreed upon usage for the scale, or for what each mark on the scale means. That’s why up until now (October 2011) I’ve simply written out my thoughts and let people draw their own conclusions on how I felt about the game. However in the interest of expediency and increased clarity I think going forward I’m going to try out a new rating system. It’s very loose/basic and will work as follows.

Each text rated will be assigned “Critical Miss”,”Miss”,”Hit”,”Critical Hit”. The bands are fairly broad but I think they quickly and accurately convey my recommendations. In brief, a critical miss is, well, shit, nothing about it appealed. A Miss is something I’m unlikely to bother with again but may have had one or two redeeming features. A Hit is something I’m interested in seeing more off but may have had a few elements that I wasnt a fan off. A Critical Hit means I need it like oxygen, and as such, so should you.

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