[Let’s play] Darkest Dungeon – The Fall of the House of McDonnell – Week 01 – 25

Wherein we shall detail the grim and sobering fate of the House of McDonnell as they seek to suppress their tainted inheritance (with names drawn recklessly from Facebook)

Father is gone. I hadn’t seen him in decades, since he sent me to the seminary and I began my ministry in the city. But I must return, that house, that place, must be cleansed, expunged from creation itself. I can hear it calling me. Calling me home.

I will not be able to do it alone, I have sent out missives to friend and family, asking them to join me in this endeavour. I fear it is an act of utmost selfishness, one wich they will in time damn me for. But I have no more time to waste on idle recrimination. I must return and the stage is ready. Continue reading…

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Out to Sea 02 – Givin out the order for fun

So when we left off I had just make the momentous decision to try out a free to play browser game #toteslikestoutcortez. This wasnt as straightforward as one might expect, as the game was not just Japanese only it also used region locking to prevent dirty gaijin like me from playing it. Though considering how easy it is to circumvent it feels more like a token effort than anything else. To play the game you have to sign up with DMM.com. Which you could do in English but you have to do in Japanese, after a little bit of cookie based jiggery pokerey. Continue reading…

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Out to Sea 01 – You must obey the fleet commander

There are moments in one’s life, moments that could be mistaken for clarity but are better described as moment’s of unwelcome awareness. These moments are generally filled with the mental friction of having the full realisation of what you’re doing grinding against your preconceived notions of self like a dirty old man at a disco. Change might be a constant but sometimes fully comprehending that change can make it feel more like a descent than a transition. I experienced one of those moments of unwelcome self-awareness a few days ago which is what lead to what you’re reading (in the interest of clarity, this dramatic build-up is not going to pay off). I’ll get into the exact details of it in a moment. But first some all important background. Continue reading…

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30 Days of (space black) Night – Week 01 – Return to New Eden

Around this time a year ago my initial foray into the world of EVE Online ended, and at the risk of using an already over-used phrase, not with a bang but with a whimper (you can check out my glorious progress here – Part 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, Interlude 1, 06). Well actually to be accurate it ended with dis-interest. But a spare code for a months worth of game time and the lure of my characters name on a statue lured me back in. I initially wasnt planning to play at all, I didnt even have the game installed but I figured I might as well give it a go, even casually. So now I’ve 30 days to re-visit the world of, quite possibly, the most notorious MMO out there. How will I get on? Continue reading…

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EVE and I – Interlude – In space no can hear you scream “FFFUUUUUCCKKKK”

I have part six half finished and ready to go. I left it because I was tired and decided to head to bed. Couldnt sleep so I figured I’d just do one quick mission. Oh how I regret that. A quick bit of background, missions range from Level 1 – 4, each increase in level is a fairly big jump in difficulty (and usually in ship class). However thanks to siding with the Amarr during the Sisters of Eve ESA I’d enough standing with the Amarr to jump straight to Level 2 missions. I’d done about ten or so of them and while some of them had been tough I’d managed to pull through, earn some ISK and upgrade my Destroyer. So I logged in and requested a mission (which are semi random), got a simple courier mission which I banged out and figured, sure why not one more before I hit the hay? I wont have time to play tomorrow because I’ve loads of cooking and prep work to do for Christmas dinner. Oh past Mick, you are a fucking idiot. Continue reading…

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