Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 07 – Reading will continue until morale improves

I was actually keeping a relatively respectable pace and then boom, silence for a month. Well there was no great mystery there. I found the comics that I’d read lacklustre and the eponymous event to be particularly disappointing (nice art not withstanding). Then at the beginning of June I got into reading the translated works of a Chinese author who wrote a few very long book series. My “reading stuff time” (totally separate from my online reading stuff time of course) went to shotgunning two and a half of that authors series. However the electricity was off last Friday and again yesterday and having nothing else to do I heroically read some more.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 06 – Vengeance from the grave

I think the last one of these got a bit too “blow by blow” so I’ll be pulling back for a wide shot here. I’d read these a few days ago but held off because I wanted to polish off the last few issues in the event. But then I ended up spending my spare time reading Chinese cultivation novels and the Age of Sigmar:Soulbound RPG. Hopefully get them done this week and be done with Disassembled. I have the feel the speed will pick up a lot when I get to a single title.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 05 – The widening gyre

This time I finally get to the actual meat of the Avengers Disassembled event. However I made the mistake of writing this up while I was reading them so its rather wordy and as editing is a dirty word I make no apologies for what comes next (I did at least correct mis-spellings, I’m not an animal). I also realised I’d been setting up my image galleries incorrectly. So if you were wondering “Hey why are these images so small and nothing happens when I click on them” wonder no more and click to your hearts content.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 04 – Vewy vewy quiet on the western front

I’d planned to have at least one of these out a week, every Wednesday in fact. Obviously this didn’t go as planned this week. For once I wasn’t distracted by organising my digital collection, that’s mostly done for Marvel. I was distracted because I got really into a rather long series of books and couldn’t pull myself away. I’d hoped to get Avengers Disassembled finished this week and push (backwards chronologically) onto Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run or onto the comics that take place between Avengers Disassembled and Civil War. That didn’t happen. I was going to post this Thursday but held of thinking I’d read more. That also didn’t happen. But here’s what I thought of what I did get read.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 03 – Continuity is the fire in which we burn 

Sorting continued after last weeks post. I got it all more or less done by Sunday night. This meant I could now take full advantage of shared reading lists. In short I can download the reading list for an event or comic that someone else has made and Comic Rack populates it using the UUID of the individual issues from Comic Vine’s metadata. Cool, all good so far. But…

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 02 – Logistics is the ball and chain of comic book reading

Right so here we go. As I mentioned I’ll be starting my return to the Marvel comic universe with Spider-Man specifically The Amazing Spider-Man #546. This follows on from the controversial One More Day storyline which followed on from the controversial (or just plain shit) Civil War crossover event. That’s enough background, lets see how it turned out.

I’m not going to do an issue by issue breakdown. I’ll likely briefly summarise major events, react to stuff I liked and, of course, complain about stuff I did not. There will almost certainly be spoilers. Well lets get to it.

Or not.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 01 – Shots fired

I wrote the first draft of this back in 2014 and then updated it in 2016. But both times I never actually followed through. Will I this time? Who knows. I will at least post it this time at least.

I havent read American comics in quite some time. Specifically since March 2011, so eleven years. But recent reading around comics as well as someone asking me for recommendations on what Marvel comics to read has got me interested in diving back into them.

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