What is this?

A replacement for a joke thats run its course. Or to be less obscure, I suppose you could call it a blog, but I prefer to think of it as an online portal which opens upon the wonderous vistas of my mental landscape. So in summary, its a concentrated feed of pure Mick.

When is this?

I’ll be updating hopefully bi-weekly (Tuesday and Saturday), but at least once a week (Tuesday)

What do the different categories mean?

Well in an effort to lend some (possibly much needed) structure to my usual rambling on-line discourse I have split the site into five broad topics as follows:

life: This covers the general events of my life and my thoughts upon it. Its probably going to be the most generally downbeat category (feel that angst).

work: This is a category to showcase whatever I’m working on and also for general bits and pieces relating to said work. Experience tells me that this is likely to be the least frequently updated category.

review/consume: My opinion on whatever products of the mass market which have had the joyous task of helping me waste my time. Anime, TV, Films, Games, Books, Music, Microwave Meals, Pot Noodles – You get the idea.

game/play: This is probably going to consist mostly of me whinging about whatever rpg’s Im currently running, playing in or planning to run. Though conceptually its meant to cover all aspects of gaming which I indulge in. So we’ll see how it goes.

365: This is something of a continuous project. Continuous due in part to scope, but due mainly to my inability to carry it out successfully. The basic idea was to force me to get writing seriously again by forcing myself to write at least 500 words a day. Seems Im not particularly good at motivating myself. Content varies wildly, caveat lector and all the rest.

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