Upcoming Games of 2016

As I mention over here 2016 is looking like a monster year for computer gaming. Apart from the original titles slated for release it seems like half the major titles for 2015 got pushed back to 2016. There is a tidal wave of great looking gaming bearing down on us. So how do you navigate through this confusing maelstrom of choice? Simple, just lock onto the glorious light of my opinion and let it guide you through the darkness. Continue reading…

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(Upcoming) Games of 2014 – A storm’s a’comin

While I didnt get as many completed as I’d hope overall I think it’s fair to say that 2013 was a pretty great year for gaming. 2014 is shaping up to be even better. We’ll be seeing the new next generation consoles getting into their stride and a number of long anticipated titles, a lot of them long time Kickstarter darlings, are supposed to be coming out on PC. Hell, there’s even some mobile games coming out that look really good (dont look at me like that). So how do you navigate through this confusing maelstrom of choice? Simple, just lock onto the glorious light of my opinion and let it guide you through the darkness. Continue reading…

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(Upcoming) Games of 2013 – Prelude to the deluge

This list is likely to change/expand pretty drastically after E3 when its likely the launch lineups for the PS4 and XBox720/Durango are announced. I’m not sure if I’ll be jumping to next gen straight away because as I mentioned over here I’ve got back into PC gaming in a big way. Well, thats most likely a lie. Unless the launch line-up is absolutely shit I’ll probably grab a PS4. Though I am interested in how theyre going to handle backwards compatability, particularly considering the amount of donwloaded/PSN content I’ve purchased.

Even without the infusion of next-gen stuff 2013 is looking like a pretty amazing year for gaming. A large number of titles that were originally slated for 2012 got pushed back and a number of highly anticipiated sequels to popular franchises are coming out this year as well. As well as looking at whether or not I’ll bother with next gen consoles theres also the question of whether or not I’ll bother with the Wii-U. My luck with Nintendo systems is mixed. While I owned a SNES I preferred my Megadrive. I never had, or played more than once, a N64. I got a lot of play out my Gamecube (worth it just for Eternal Darkness, Super Monkeyball and Animal Crossing). I was excited about the Wii, bought one and played it literally twice. On the other hand there’s a number of Wii-U exclusives that I really like the look of (SMTxFire Emblem, Monolithsoft’s X, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, maybe Zombi-U). I might pick one up when the majority of those games are out and the systems dropped in price. Knowing Nintendo I dont want to get stung when they do an early hardware revision. Continue reading…

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(Upcoming) Games of 2012 – Autumn and Winter Edition (July-December)

So it’s been six months since I posted about my anticipated games of 2012. Six months during which I played barely any games at all, fuck you post-graduate education! Sadly a lot of the games on the previous list have been (almost inevitably) postponed to 2013 (a list I shall start constructing after the Tokyo Game Show).

I mentioned in the previous post that I was unsure about a number of this year’s upcoming releases. So far the results have been generally pretty positive. Most games I was wary off have turned out to be really enjoyable, no real duds at all so far. As usual the autumn and winter period is packed full with most of the year’s major releases. I have to say I’m really looking forward to quite a few of these games, a number of them look like they will easily make their way into this year’s Top Ten Games. Continue reading…

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(Upcoming) Games of 2012 – My anticipation should be yours

Well its been a year since I posted about my anticipated games of 2011. I still havent managed to figure out how to be excited about things again. Actually its probably worse now. But wangsty whinging aside. I ended up playing most of the games on last years list, even those I thought I wouldnt. Overall there were a lot more pleasant surprises than expected disappointments. Which was nice. Looking forward to 2012 it looks like its going to be a pretty awesome year for gaming. Though I probably wont have a lot of time to play them until I finish up college, which is bad. On the other hand I’ll be unemployed shortly which leaves me with free weekends, which is good. Continue reading…

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Games of 2011 Or 50 (more) reasons to avoid your friends and family

I find it hard to get genuinely excited about things any more. I certainly feel anticipation, but excitement? Not so much. Which is a pity as I miss it. I’m not sure why I don’t get excited any more. Perhaps its because so many things turned out to be a let down, perhaps I’ve become overly cynical, perhaps the tragically comprehensive previews of the modern media machine rob everything of mystery, perhaps I’m not quite as chemically tweaked since they stopped making Stinger’s (fuck I’d like a Dan Bar). Even though I don’t get all big in the pants thinking about whats coming I do still generally enjoy weeding through information on whats coming out and deciding what I’m really looking forward to. At this point in the year its hard to say whats going to be coming out for the entirety of 2011. Each week see’s new games released or release dates change. We also wont see very many announcements for the Autumn and Winter releases until the summer. So while I’ve called this “Games of 2011” it would be more accurate to call it “Games of the first half of 2011”. Continue reading…

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