(Upcoming) Games of 2013 – Prelude to the deluge

This list is likely to change/expand pretty drastically after E3 when its likely the launch lineups for the PS4 and XBox720/Durango are announced. I’m not sure if I’ll be jumping to next gen straight away because as I mentioned over here I’ve got back into PC gaming in a big way. Well, thats most likely a lie. Unless the launch line-up is absolutely shit I’ll probably grab a PS4. Though I am interested in how theyre going to handle backwards compatability, particularly considering the amount of donwloaded/PSN content I’ve purchased.

Even without the infusion of next-gen stuff 2013 is looking like a pretty amazing year for gaming. A large number of titles that were originally slated for 2012 got pushed back and a number of highly anticipiated sequels to popular franchises are coming out this year as well. As well as looking at whether or not I’ll bother with next gen consoles theres also the question of whether or not I’ll bother with the Wii-U. My luck with Nintendo systems is mixed. While I owned a SNES I preferred my Megadrive. I never had, or played more than once, a N64. I got a lot of play out my Gamecube (worth it just for Eternal Darkness, Super Monkeyball and Animal Crossing). I was excited about the Wii, bought one and played it literally twice. On the other hand there’s a number of Wii-U exclusives that I really like the look of (SMTxFire Emblem, Monolithsoft’s X, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, maybe Zombi-U). I might pick one up when the majority of those games are out and the systems dropped in price. Knowing Nintendo I dont want to get stung when they do an early hardware revision.

While it should go without saying, I’ll say it anyway. These are the games I’m looking forward to. While the list is long it isn’t just a list of everything coming out in 2013. I’m aware its missing a number of major releases (e.g. Gears of War:Judgement, GTA V, PES 2014, Tomb Raider, Star Wars 1313, Star Trek, Clang, etc.). Thats because I’m either a) not interested in them, b) think they’ll be shit or c) all of the above.

Ugh, lost half of this to a database error. Wasnt angry, just felt dead inside. It’s rewritten now but I think it was better the first time. Also a number of the games listed have already been released (though I’ve yet to play them). Still even with pruning theres something like 83 games.

Anticipated Games

These are the games that I’m actively looking forward to. I want to play them and I want to play them now. They are the games that have the best chance of retaining my attention before something shiny draws it away.

Ni no Kuni



What they say: Ni no Kuni (二ノ国?, lit. Second Country, also called The Another World) is a role-playing video game co-developed by Japanese developer Level-5 and the first videogame made by anime company Studio Ghibli[1] for the Nintendo DS and later PlayStation 3. The story of Ni no Kuni revolves around thirteen-year-old Oliver, a resident of Hotroit City, whose mother, Arie, suddenly dies after rescuing him from drowning.[11] A doll, given to Oliver by his mother, is brought to life from his tears and reveals itself to be a male fairy named Shizuku, who gives Oliver a book that allows him to use the power of magic and enter the world of “Ni no Kuni,” a reality parallel to his own. In Ni no Kuni, Shizuku says, Oliver may be able to find his mother, Arie.[11] Using the newfound power of magic, Oliver and Shizuku venture into Ni no Kuni. There, he befriends Maru, Gyro, and other alternate versions of people (and animals) he knows

Why I want it: Because while I think they are over-rated by people who dont know any better Studio Ghibli’s stuff generally looks pretty awesome and this game is no exception. Also, I like JRPG’s. But mainly its the eye candy. The demo was also very enjoyable, the combat system is interesting and best of all the game has a world map. Oh world map’s how I’ve missed you.

Omerta: City of Gangsters



What they say:OMERTA – CITY OF GANGSTERS is a simulation game with tactical turn-based combat. Taking the role of a fresh-from-the-boat immigrant, with dreams of the big life, the player will work his way up the criminal hierarchy of 1920’s Atlantic City. Starting with small jobs, his character recruits a gang and expands his empire by taking territory from other gangsters. Eventually he establishes his own crime syndicate and becomes the de facto ruler of Atlantic City.


Historically accurate representation of Atlantic City and its landmarks
Strategic gameplay allows city overview, planning, expansion and gathering of intel
Turn-based tactical combat with a cover system and stealth action
15 unique player controlled characters each with unique personalities and backgrounds
A RPG system for development of player characters and managing their equipment
Competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode with persistent gangs
15+ hours of gameplay in a single play-through
20 unique maps visualizing the various districts of Atlantic City

Why I want it: I love turn based strategy games. I love some rpgs. I also generally love any kind of amalgamation of the two. Add in the fact that 1920’s gangsters is a weirdly under-represented genre in videogames in general never mind in strategy games and I was interested from the moment I heard about it. It looks like this game has quite a beefy strategy layer to go with the tactical combat as well as some interesting city/gang building stuff. Really hoping this manages to make good on its potential.

Fire Emblem: Awakening



What they say:In the visually stunning world of the Fire Emblem Awakening game, you command and fight alongside an army of spirited heroes standing against an enemy with the power to destroy empires; a dark dragon whose agents include armies of the undead. Plan your attack, customize your forces, and guide your heroes as you forge alliances that strengthen your resolve in battle and shape the course of history. Lead a team of distinct characters with unique abilities, rich backstories, and evolving relationships that guide the path of your quest. Plan your attack carefully – the lives of your soldiers and the future of the world depends on it.

Why I want it: As I mention several times on this page I really like strategy rpg’s, particularly Japanese strategy rpg’s (not least because the genre was dead in the west until recently). The Fire Emblem franchise is one of the longest running JSRPG’s. Which makes it odd that I’ve never played one (at all) up until now. But all the previews made this game look awesome and as its not a sequel or a prequel it also seemed to be a good jumping on point for the series. The only fly in the ointment was that I didnt own a 3DS. However a slew of new game announcements in the run up to Christmas broke my less than iron will and I picked up a 3DSXL (imported a US version because the games I was interested in havent/are unlikely to get an EU release). It was a decision I wasnt sure off. Until I played the demo for this before heading into work this morning. Now it feels like torture having to wait till next week for its release.

Fist of the North Star 2:Ken’s Rage



What they say:

The Legend Mode serves as the main mode of the game and includes episodes not found in the previous title in the series. The Raoh story arc has been completely reimagined, while the Celestial Emperor and Land of Shura story arcs have been added as well. Whether you are familiar with the source material or not, the story is more complete and more enjoyable than ever before.

By playing as different characters throughout each episode of the story, you will be fully immersed in the Fist of the North Star world. With features like boss battles faithfully recreating scenes from the manga, series fans have plenty to be excited about.
Experience life as the true successor!

In addition to a more faithful recreation of the story, a large number of characters are added to the game series as well. In addition to the playable characters from the previous game, those that appeared only as NPCs such as Juza and Shew are now playable. In total, there will be more than twice as many playable characters as the previous title.

Popular characters from the new storylines such as Falco and Kaioh will also appear, making for an even greater variety of characters to control.

Even more exciting battlefield action!

The ability of the successors of Hokuto Shinken and Nanto Seiken to kill opponents in a single blow has been merged with Warriors-style gameplay. This time, there will be even more exhilarating action than ever before. In addition to the various techniques, taunts and special moves of the previous game, new moves such as dodges and dashes will be added as well. Experience life as a martial arts master as you predict an enemy’s attack and close the distance to finish him off before he can even land a single punch. A new world of Hokuto unfolds!

The popular Dream Mode featuring original stories based on the characters has been completely revamped.
Focused on the original manga, these stories will fill in the gaps around the stages of the Legend Mode. Even characters that did not get much coverage in the original manga will be given their time in the spotlight, allowing you to enjoy plenty of hypothetical stories unique to Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2.
Exciting co-op and versus play!

This title features online co-op and versus play within Dream Mode.
In versus play, players form teams and compete against the other in a variety of missions, with the winners obtaining unique bonuses. The character costume DLC that was so popular in the first game also returns, and there are plans to make new stages available for download in Dream Mode as well.
We are planning even more exciting things in regards to the online features, so please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Why I want it: It’s too late to want it, I’m already dea…I’ve already bought it. This year I finally tackled the full Fist of the North Star manga (as well as the prequel Fist of the Blue Sky). While I was fond of the franchise from the old movie I now have a much better understanding and appreciation for it. And with that appreciation comes an urge to kill lots and lots of people with improbable martial arts. This game promises to deliver that. Youwa shock.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance



What they say:The main character, Raiden, was once feared as the child soldier “Jack the Ripper” on the front lines of the First Liberian Civil War. Now, his combat mastery is channeled through a cyborg body as the strikes from his high-frequency blade slice even massive assault drones in two.

Raiden is contracted for VIP protection, military training and other duties by PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies) in a developing country piecing itself back together after a bloody civil war. Little does he know that the stage is set for a clash with an enigmatic force of countless cyborgs.

Reborn at the hands of PlatinumGames, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE pits cyborg against cyborg in battle that blazes past every human limit!

Why I want it: Because its name is fucking ridiculous. MGS2 was a pretty big disappointment and the majority of that disappointment was caused by Raiden. Now I do feel MGS4 redeemed the character and he was pretty cool in it but I’m not sure if I want an entire game as him. On the other hand the sword stuff does look cool. On the third (probably robotic) hand “Revengeance”.

Update: I’ve now had a chance to play the demo, and on the strength of that pre-ordered the main game. The combat is immensely fun and fluid. It also has that great feeling of being difficult but masterable. Every time I play I get a bit better and feel a bit cooler. Cant wait for this.

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk



What they say:Fuck all, only a month or so to release and still no official english website (even though the release has been confirmed). Here’s a basic summary:

Atelier Ayesha stars a lonely girl who runs an herbalist’s workshop. After her grandfather died, Ayesha’s younger sister Nio disappeared when she was gathering herbs. One day, Ayesha sees Nio walking through ruins which starts her journey. Overcoming sadness is one of the game’s themes and players will see Ayesha grow as she writes diary entries.

The goal of this game is to reunite Ayesha Altugle with her younger sister Nio who went missing while gathering herbs. Atelier Ayesha takes place in a new world separate from the Arland saga where the art of alchemy is out of style. Most people forgot about it and Ayesha lives in an ever changing world

Why I want it:Weird, pretty sure I’d already written this up. Oh well, the Atelier series is another very long running (i.e. across multiple console generations) slightly niche japanese rpg series that I’ve never really got into but always sort of wanted to. I played a number of the “spin-offs” on the PS2, never to completion but enough to enjoy them. I picked up the first PS3 offering, Atelier Rorona, and got fairly far into it and really enjoyed it. But sadly lost it while moving house (because Adam is a filthy Judas). I’ve picked it up again recently, but in the interim two sequels have been released. This game represents the start of a new trilogy and seems like a good jumping on point. Like the other Atelier games it has an extremely in depth crafting system which I find interesting. I also quite frankly like the visual style of the games (and the fact its getting a digital US release because I’m trying to go all digital). The only (and its a major one for me) fly in the ointment is that theres no japanese language track.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3



What they say:NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will feature the most extensive character roster of any game so far in the series, letting fans engage with a huge number of their favourite personalities from the NARUTO universe, be they friend or foe. In story mode, players will be thrown into a series of thrilling adventures set in the village of Konoha, while the game’s electrifying fights will be punctuated with massive scale boss battles, including a fearsome confrontation with the gargantuan Nine-Tails.

Why I want it: I’d burned out on Naruto. I used to really enjoy it but then just lost interest and time after time failed to regain it. But even during that period I still bought the UNS games because they are quite simply the best adaptions of shonen anime to videogames available. They really do make you feel like you’re replicating the kind of battles you see in the anime. During the past year I got back into Naruto Shippuuden, in a big way, I’m almost up to date in fact (well I consciously stopped right at the beginning of the Shinobi War arc). While it might not be high art it is fairly entertaining, and the later Shippuuden stuff contains some pretty mental powers and battles. Which is in many ways what this type of shonen action anime/manga is all about. The new installment brings back the giant beast battles from the older games and augments it by including all 9 of the jinchuriki. I really cant wait (but as always will have to because I need to catch up with the anime/manga to avoid spoilers). Im also really looking forward to playing around with some of the characters and powers that havent been in the game before (really hoping they add back in multiple ougi).

Soul Sacrifice



What they say:

You are a sorcerer, manipulating the arcane principles of magic. Sacrifice and pay, and be rewarded with magic and power in kind.

The greater the payment, the greater the power, but be careful, lest you sacrifice your life itself.

There are no “weaklings casting spells” in this tale. Only “true” sorcerers who risk their lives to accomplish what they seek to do, making the sacrifices it entails, can emerge victorious.


Sorcerers make sacrifices to release magical energy from their right hands. However, give into your desire, constantly harnessing powerful magic, and you run the risk of losing your own humanity.

What magic will you use, when, and in what situations? What sacrifices will you make? You are always confronted with choice, and must always remain prepared.


The arcane tome that appears before you has the power to make you experience what is inscribed within.
You read the tales of harrowing battles between a sorcerer and the monsters he faces, finding yourself drawn into the book, taking on the quests therein. Up to 4 players can play at once.

Why I want it:
It’s really the setting and visuals that interest me in this one. The dark fantasy setting combined with the grotesque and unique nature of the spell casting really appeal. The gameplay I’m less sold on. While I love it conceptually none of the monster hunter clones (nor the original really) have ever quite clicked with me.

Dragons Dogma:Dark Arisen



What they say:Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an upcoming expansion pack to be released by Capcom in 2013. The expansion was revealed at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show. It’s a standalone game that contains loads of new stuff as well as the original, full, Dragon’s Dogma game.

New quests await the Arisen on the cursed island known as the Bitterblack Island which is located on the outside of Gransys. Players will face new fearsome enemies and discover valuable treasures. Players will be able to take their characters to new heights with brand new high-level skills and augments as well as all new weapons and armour sets. Furthermore, owners of the original Dragon’s Dogma will receive 100,000 Rift Crystals, unlimited Ferrystones and the Gransys Armour Pack consisting of six brand new costumes for free, upon purchasing Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

For those that missed Dragon’s Dogma the first time around, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen provides the opportunity to start their journey from the very beginning before tackling the all-new content.

Based on player feedback, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will make the Dragon’s Dogma gameplay experience even more satisfying with improvements such as easier travel and a more intuitive menu system. For those who already own Dragon’s Dogma and then purchase Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, these improvements will be automatically retrofitted to their original game save data.

Why I want it:As I mention over here Dragon’s Dogma was one of my favourite games of 2012 and one of my favourite action rpg’s of all time. I cannot wait for an expansion which adds more to explore/fight/wear/kill/set on fire/etc. But sadly I’m chained down by the linear flow of time and must wait. The only little discordant note is the fact that this has been upgraded from an add-on expansion to a standalone product which includes the original. Which means I have to buy the same (awesome) game twice (thought at a reduced price). It’s not enough to stop me buying it but it does rankle a bit.

The Last of Us



What they say:Abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. A population decimated by a modern plague. Survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who’s braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US.

Developed by Naughty Dog, creators of the best-selling Uncharted series
Genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements
Character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague

Why I want it: I’ve been a big fan of Naughty Dog since Rings of Power back on the Megadrive and while I did feel the Uncarted series went in a direction I wasnt super fond of they were still great games and so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with a more gritty setting. Hopefully they really play up the survival aspects. I also hope they avoid the usual post apocalyptic cliches but I’m calling it now – cannibals.

Grim Dawn



What they say:Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game intended for digital distribution on the PC. It is being developed by veterans of Iron Lore entertainment, the makers of Titan Quest. Grim Dawn is being built with Crate’s own improved version of the Iron Lore engine and toolset; the same technology used to create Titan Quest. As a spiritual successor, Grim Dawn will attempt to better perfect the magical formula of exploration, character advancement, and loot collection pioneered by Diablo.

Players will be thrust into the dark, war-torn world of Cairn where a once proud empire has been brought to ruin and the human race driven to the edge of extinction. Cairn has become ground zero of an eternal war between two otherworldly powers, one seeking to use human bodies as a resource, the other intent upon destroying the human race before that can happen. This cataclysmic war has not only decimated human civilization but is warping the very fabric of reality and, in its wake, giving life to new horrors.

For humankind it is the dawn of a grim new age where iron has replaced gold as currency and the importance of salt as a weapon makes it far too valuable to waste on food. Small enclaves of human survivors exist scattered throughout the world, holed up in hidden refuges. These humans have quietly watched the warring invaders destroy one another and have become wise to the strengths and vulnerabilities of their otherworldly foes. A few survivors have begun to exhibit strange new abilities after surviving possession or exposure to the warp. These unnatural powers are feared by some but give many new hope of launching a resistance to fight the “outsiders” and reclaim what’s left of their world.

Why I want it: I was looking forward to Diablo III quite a bit. I lost entire summers to Diablo II. But sadly Diablo III failed to live up to its predecessor. I got about sixty hours out of it and I was done and none of the post game patching theyve done so far has been sufficient to tempt me back. When Torchlight II came out I gave it a go and while enjoyable it just failed to gain any real traction. But I want to play games like that, its an itch I want to have scratched. Which is why I bought into the Grim Dawn kickstarter. I’m hoping it’ll recapture what I loved about the genre.

Shadowrun Returns



What they say:Shadowrun Returns is a graphically-rich, single player, turn-based tactical RPG (for PC, Mac, and Apple & Android tablets) that takes place in a cyberpunk future where magic has returned, awakening creatures of myth.

Created by Jordan Weisman almost 25 years ago, Shadowrun is a dynamic gaming world beloved by thousands around the globe. It’s origin story mashes-up the dystopian cyberpunk future of Blade Runner with the high-fantasy creatures of The Lord of the Rings to produce iconic characters, environments, and situations. With painterly 2D environments providing a rich backdrop to the action and 3D characters allowing for smooth animations, Shadowrun Returns brings this popular setting back to electronic gaming.

As Shadowrun Returns begins, a woman named Jessica Watts approaches you for help. Her brother Sam, your old friend, has been murdered. You’re the only one she can trust and she begs you to come to Seattle to figure out what happened. You meet Mitch Macklusky, a Lone Star detective who is immediately antagonistic. From there you find out that there’s been a series of murders; these people have all been found with organs cut out. You begin solving Sam’s murder, but as you dig into that, more and more unravels, and the mystery expands from the lowest echelons of society, like the biker gangs, all the way up to the dynastic control of one of the largest megacorporations.

Create your own unique RPG character by choosing from a variety of metahuman-types including elves, dwarves, orks and trolls and career archetypes such as spell-slinging Mages, combat-focused Street Samurai, spirit-summoning Shamans, computer hackers known as Deckers, drone-piloting Riggers and the monk-like Physical Adepts. Because Shadowrun Returns is a skill-based game, you can grow your character with a wide combination of abilities.

Design your own Runs and share them with the entire Shadowrun community! The Shadowrun Editor is the same powerful tool the Harebrained level designers are using to create the game. With it, you can construct new locations, characters and stories.

Why I want it:Shadowrun is a universe which I’ve always enjoyed in theory but seldom enjoyed in practice. I played games of it in college and while it was enjoyable spending a few hours in the coffee dock designing the minute details of my characters car the campign itself didnt feel like it matched what I saw in the books or novels (the novels being my first exposure to the setting). Subsequent games, whether I ran or played in them, tended to fizzle out after a session or so and never really clicked. I still bought various editions of it and will likely buy the upcoming 5th edition. The closest I came to enjoying the setting in the way I wanted to was with the old SNES game. So I’m hoping that this marriage of a setting I want to love with a genre I do love (turn based rpg’s go) will finally deliver the Shadowrun experience I longed for.

Dead State


What they say: Dead State is a compelling, high-tension RPG set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse – a deadly illness is rampaging through the world, turning those infected into the walking dead. As society is beginning to fall apart, the player must organize a scant handful of allies, working on fortifying a shelter, scouting for food and supplies, making uncertain alliances with others, and attempting to hold together a group as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. And although the zombies lurk as an ever present threat, the biggest obstacle to the player may just be other humans with the same goal: survival at any cost.

-Strategic turn-based gameplay: combines single-player character control with streamlined ally AI management, allowing for innovative party control

-Lush graphics: expansive maps and detailed character models brought to life through the power of Torque 3D

-Unique perspective: Combination of classic isometric perspective and field of view based on character line-of-sight allows for a tense and exciting game experience

-Open-ended gameplay: Large explorable world and non-linear storyline allow players to explore the landscape of Dead State freely, and encounter new challenges each time they play

-Engaging story and characters: Story and characters written by veteran game developer Brian Mitsoda (Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines) – features realistic and compelling dialogue and expertly-woven story elements

-Compelling player choice: Players not judged by a linear morality scale, but asked to make difficult and challenging decisions to keep themselves and their fellow survivors alive

-Complex and reactive character AI: Allies react realistically in combat situations, human enemies employ variable tactics against other character, zombies follow frightening mobbing behavior

-Innovative mechanics: Noise mechanic affects how zombies track prey by sound, resource management within player shelter allows for streamlined upgrades and organization of ally tasks

Why I want it: This has been on my “Anticipated games” lists since back in 2011. Though the difference now is that I’ve helped kickstart the game and theres a tentative release date. But apart from that the reasons I want it havent changed – Are you bored of zombies? If your answer wasnt “Yes” then you are either a) wrong (because I am, and my opinions are the foundation your universe is built on), b) insane, c) really, really, really, really fond of zombies (to a point where you are banned from graveyards) or d) have been living in a cave. Zombies are played the fuck out, “Not-Zombies” are also played the fuck out. So why am I looking forward to a zombie game? Because this is the zombie game I always wanted. It sounds awesome. There’s an excellent extended preview here – http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/08/25/a-blood-red-state-dead-state-revealed/

Dragons Crown


What they say: The vast labyrinth lays spread out underground, the ruins situated below this citn nothing more than its entrace. Magic wielders, their hearts blighted by the dark, have used their spells to connect all the land’s ruins and monsters lairs into one. They search, tirelessly, for the legendary treasure they know is to be found. It lies, patiently, somewhere within the corridors. If it should fall into their hands, the entire land will be doused in blood before another day breaks. You know it as well as I – the Dragon’s Crown cannot, must not, come to them.


The player’s mission is to dive into the labyrinth, uncovering treasures and strengthening his mettle as he unlocs the secret behind the mighty dragon threathening the world. Simple controls allow anyone to get into the gameplay and enjoy the breathtaking action. Up to four players can connect from around the world to work together through the story, finish quests and hack through the dungeon in search of treasure.

Character raising, Item Collection, Guild Quests – The labyrinth is packed with treasures, items and weapons to power up your characters. From the huge numbers of quests to the endless worlds of dungeons gamers will never run out of things to do! In additon to long lasting gameplay, the game also features a vast array of character raising and customisation features. Explore the dungeons with your friends, discover power-boosting weapons and items, and create your very own original fighter!

Huge dragons and other overwhelming foes fill up the entire screen as they challenge your party to the hilt. Raise your character well and work with your buddies to take them down.

Up to four players work together via Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita

Why I want it: This popped up on my initial 2012 list. But was sadly delayed, then dropped, and has now being picked up by Atlus. I really hope this makes it out soon. This game looks fucking beautiful, like all of Vanillaware’s other games the 2d animation is pretty amazing. Also, who the fuck doesnt love side-scrolling beat-em-ups? I just hope you can knock the shit out of the other players and steal those oh so precious food drops. How many friendships did Streets of Rage ruin?

Europa Universalis IV



What they say:
Europa Universalis IV explores the world history in an experience crafted by Paradox Development Studio, the masters of Grand Strategy. The experiences of true exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy will be brought to life in this epic title rife with rich strategic and tactical depth.

Take your own decisions: Nation building is flexible: decide your own form of government, the structure of your society, trade politics and more. The possibilities are endless.

Use your Monarch Power: Experience the new system of monarch power where your spread of choices is influence by the caliber of the man you have at the top. Do you have a warrior King? Then it is time to make war.

Experience history coming to life: The great people and personalities of the past are on hand to support you. Thousands of historical events guide you, with unique different flavor depending on the country you play. Have more than a thousand historical leaders and over 4000 historical Monarchs at your disposal.

The world is now your playground: Players can enjoy over 300 years of gameplay in a lush topographic map in full 3D. Lead any one of more than 250 countries that originally existed during the game’s extensive time span.

Experience the all new trade system: The trade system adds a new dimension to the great trade empires of the period. Seize control of key ports to expand your trade, support it with your powerful fleet and the wealth of the world will flow to you.

Bring out your diplomatic skills: Deeper diplomatic gameplay, with coalitions, threats, fleet basing rights and detailed support for rebels. Introducing unilateral opinions, a country may dislike you, but you can be neutral towards them.

Engage in Multiplayer: Battle against your friends or try co-operative multiplayer mode that allows several players to work together to control a single nation for up to 32 players. Featuring hotjoin, improved chat, new matchmaking server andsupport for a standalone server.

Create your own history & customize your game: Europa Universalis IV gives you the chance to customize and mod practically anything your heart may desire.

Why I want it: So I can finally conquer the fucking Azores before those bastarding Portugese, thus assuring the Kingdom of Ulster is the first to make it to the new world. Or so my Pope can conquer all of Europe and save their souls or put them to the sword. I lost so very many hours to EU3. I can’t wait to do the same with the sequel.

Planetary Annihilation



What they say:PLANETARY ANNIHILATION brings Real-Time Strategy to a new generation of gamers in a way they’ve never been seen before: Total Annihilation-inspired gameplay on a planetary scale.

A Solar System Is Your Playground

Expand your empire to harness the resources of entire solar systems to create vast armies with which to annihilate enemy planets, destroy rival systems and win the Galactic War!

Massive Battles, Small Ones Too

Play a quick skirmish with a friend on a single planet map with a low unit cap or a 12+ hour game with 40 of your closest frenemies and thousands of units. You can also hone your skills against Planetary Annihilation’s AI or team up with a friend against multiple AI’s.

Advanced Command and Control

Planetary Annihilation’s order queuing interface allows you to control massive armies spread across multiple worlds with ease. Get strategic views of the action anywhere, anytime by zooming in and out of the war zone, and use split interfaces and multiple windows to keep an eye on multiple battlegrounds at once.

Procedural Planet Creator

Create custom or randomized maps with our procedural planet creator. Like what you see? Save them and share them with the Planetary Annihilation community.

Streaming Resource Economy

Use resources to build mega projects. Assign swarms of construction units in realtime to manage your economy. Reclaim wreckage and terrain to quickly regroup after a battle.

Why I want it:“Classic” RTS is another one of those genres that I really enjoyed but which seemed to just fade away (or focus entirely on multiplayer which I have little interest in). This looks like it’s going to be back to basics but with modern polish and improvements. I’m really looking forward to it (and getting it cheap because I backed the Kickstarter doesnt hurt)

Disgaea D2



What they say:Nothing in english yet

Why I want it:
I have bought (legally no less) nearly every single game that NIS have produced. I have bought every single mainline entry in the Disgaea franchise (as well as their enhanced ports on multiple handhelds). It’s my favourite strategy rpg series bar none. While the most recent game (Disgaea 4) had the most polished mechanics the first game has so far had a cast of characters and story that none of the other games managed to live up to. Now with Disgaea 4 they came very close, I like the characters in it as much as those in Disaga, but the original still has the better story. So a direct sequel to the original with even more polished mechanics than Disgaea 4 but with the cast and (hopefully) story quality of Disgaea? Sign me the fuck up. Now this hasnt technically been confirmed for localisation yet but as every other NIS release on a non-handheld console has been localised I think its a fairly safe bet.

Pokemon X & Y



What they say:An all-new 3D Pokémon adventure packed with never-before-seen Pokémon will launch worldwide in October 2013. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will present a new generation of Pokémon, and introduce players to an exciting new adventure in a breathtaking 3D world.

Why I want it:I really enjoyed Red and Blue but could never get back into the series again after that. Even though I knew that the series had changed quite a bit it somehow always felt the same. The shift to 3D (in both senses) feels like it injects a breath of fresh air into the franchise. So yet again I’ll be trying to catch’em’all.

Killer is Dead



What they say:Killer Is Dead is an action video game in development by Grasshopper Manufacture for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is currently slated for a worldwide release this summer, and will be published by Kadokawa Games in Japan, by XSEED in North America and by Deep Silver Games in Europe and Oceania.

Described as an amalgamation of the play-styles in Grasshopper’s killer7 and No More Heroes, Killer Is Dead places players in the role of an Executioner tasked with eliminating S-Level Criminals. The game will illustrate the “dark side” of being a James Bond-esque secret agent, and will feature many “beautiful Bond Girl-like ladies” as well as fighting mechanics involving swordplay.

Why I want it: Just look at the trailer. How could you not want it? If that wasnt enough Suda51’s games alway intrigue (and frequently dissapoint) me.

The Wonderful 101



What they say:The Wonderful 101 (formerly known as Project P-100) is a “mass-hero action” video game being developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. The game is being directed by Hideki Kamiya and produced by Atsushi Inaba and is set to release during the Wii U’s launch window (which lasts from the console’s launch until the end of March 2013) in North America and Japan. However, it will not be released in Europe until sometime after this period.

Why I want it:No deep reason here. It just looks like lots of fun. And I like the concept and world setup. And Platinum’s games are more or less universally excellent. Might even make me buy a Wii-U

Tales of Xilla



What they say:Tales of Xillia (テイルズオブエクシリア Teiruzu obu Ekushiria?) is the 13th flagship title in the Tales series, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Its characteristic genre name is RPG of Unwavering Convictions (揺るぎなき信念のRPG Yuruginaki shinnen no RPG?). The game was released in Japan on September 8, 2011 and will be released internationally in 2013.

The game features two main characters, one male and one female, from different character designers. Both characters live in the world of Liese Maxia, where humans, spirits, and monsters are able to reside together in harmony. The game marks the first time both character designers have worked together on a single game. Both designers have previously designed characters separately for different Tales games, with Fujishima working with Team Symphonia and Inomata working with Team Destiny

Tales of Xillia utilizes the DR-LiMBS, or Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System. Characters can freely chain regular attacks and TP-consuming Artes together through the use of Assault Counter (AC) points. Furthermore, a new Link feature allows for two party members to attack together and utilize powerful dual-character Link Artes. Overlimit, a returning feature from games such as Tales of Vesperia and Tales of the Abyss, enables the use of Mystic Artes.

In a first for the mothership titles in the series, players will experience the game through a behind-the-back viewpoint, rather than the standard over-head viewpoint. Buildings and structures in towns are actual size, as compared to the character, as a part of the game’s more lifelike experience.

Why I want it:You may (will) notice a recurring theme among a lot of the games listed here. A large number of the games are from genres or franchises that have never quite clicked with me, but which I conceptually think I should like. The Tales franchise is no different. I think I got half way through Tales of The Abyss twice and that was 100% more than I’d managed to get through any other Tales games (as a sidenote I also stalled out halfway through the Tales of the Abyss anime). Well actually I really enjoyed Tales of Vesperia on the 360, but that 360 RROD’ed and I never got back into it. Xilla is supposed to be among the better of the modern Tales games and a good jumping on point. Both the characters and story setup appeal so Im sort of excited about this.

Yakuza 5



What they say:Nothing in English

Why I want it:Japan’s answer to GTA? Well I’ve never finished a GTA game since the first and I am so very much not a fan of the modern ones. On the other hand I really like the Yakuza series. The stories are a nice mix of gangster melodrama and over the top actions. The actual storytelling itself is generally well done and has a nice mix of emotion and just plain old badassery. The actual gameplay is enjoyable and varied, the combat feels brutal and the various mini-games provide a nice distraction/alternate stuff to do. I’ve enjoyed the previous entries in the franchise, I particularly liked 4’s approach to having multiple main characters. 5 looks like its going to build on that with an even more varied cast. Cant wait (for the localisation announcement, which better come!)

Shin Megami Tensei IV



What they say:Nothing in English

Why I want it:Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne was my first exposure to the world of the SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) series and its various spin-offs. Since then I’ve been more or less hooked. Two of my favourite crpg’s of all time are SMT:Persona 3 and SMT:Persona 4. However there hasnt been a numbered release in the main SMT series since Nocturne in 2003. I’m excited to get back to the mainline series which is generally darker and has a bigger focus on the weird things and events that inhabit the world. The initial screens are also extremely intriguing.

Project Versus J



What they say:Nothing in English
Why I want it:The stupidest (and greatest) comic book discussions and arguments also seem to spiral back to “I bet X could totally beat the bollocks off Y!”. This is that argument given videogame form and populated with characters from my favourite manga series. If this doesnt get localised I may cry. But its on the PS3 so at least I can import the Japanese version through my tears.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2



What they say:Nothing in English

Why I want it:The Dynasty Warrior franchise is founded on larger than life heroes fighting hordes of mooks before engaging in epic battle with other heroes and villains. Which is a fairly good eagles eye summary of your standard shonen battle manga. The first pirate warriors game was very enjoyable but had a few flaws, the most grating personally were the rather small cast and the fact that it skipped some of the major plot arcs. PW2 addresses both of these issues and so is thus guranteed my money. Its odd, I’m not sure if Im excited per se, but I know I’ll both enjoy the game and get my moneys worth so its a definite purhcase.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle



What they say:Nothing in English

Why I want it: This year I finally got into JoJo’s and while it does generally look odd as fuck (and in a lot of the earlier arcs/series simply awful) the story itself is this oddly appealing mashup of bizarre superpowers and pulp sensibilities. I have to say I’m a fan. Then there’s CyberConnect, who make the best anime/manga games out there. What do I mean by that? I mean that the Cyberconnect licensed fighting games actually playout and let you feel like youre replicating the kind of action you see in their source material. I dont think this game will get localised but I’ll be buying a copy regardless.

Phantasy Star Online 2



What they say: Play Phantasy Star Online 2 and experience revolutionary combat in an action-driven, free-to-play multiplayer online RPG from SEGA. Take a journey into an immersive sci-fi fantasy narrative and explore mysterious worlds to unravel their secrets. Join fellow adventurers and fight against the legions of darkness to banish them from the galaxy.


Engage in intense real-time combat and third-person shooting action
Master devastating combos and counter attacks
Assault your enemies with fast-paced aerial attacks
Utilize weapon-based skills to optimize your battle experience


Create a unique character with comprehensive character customization tools
Choose your destiny as one of three races: the intrepid Humans, the biologically engineered Newmans, or the robotic CAST
Develop yourself with a flexible class-based leveling system and your choice of specialized companions
Define your own play-style with distinctive weapon types for melee, ranged, and magic combat


Discover lush worlds filled with beautiful landscapes, extraordinary creatures, and epic adventure
Group up with friends to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy
Complete randomized encounters during your journeys
Experience challenging boss encounters

Why I want it:I tried out the Japanese version of the game and it was quite enjoyable. A nice high speed action rpg with a semi-unique generic sci-fi anime aesthetic. Will this be the MMO that drags me back in? Which despite my protestations is what I really want. It also has a character creation system which strikes an excellent balance between depth and fun.




What they say:Watch Dogs (stylised as WATCH_DOGS) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, best known for their work on the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed franchises, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and the Xbox 360. Watch Dogs centers on the player’s ability to hack into various electronic systems, either to obtain and control information or to destroy those devices completely at specific times.

The main gameplay mechanic of Watch Dogs is the use of hacking and surveillance. The game’s antihero Aiden Pearce can use any device tied to the city’s central operating system (ctOS) as a weapon against it. During the gameplay demonstration, Aiden is seen jamming cellphones to serve as a distraction as he enters a vanity art exhibit, tapping a phone call to retrieve information about his target, manipulating traffic lights to cause a large pileup designed to trap the target and his bodyguards, and escaping the police by driving a car across a river bridge, that he had started to raise in a similar fashion. The player can also access information from the ctOS on the NPCs they encounter, including information on demographics, health, and their probability of violence. Combat utilizes a combination of stealth components and parkour, along with the mechanics of a cover-based third-person shooter. The E3 demo also demonstrated co-op play, as focus shifted to a second character above Pearce, on higher buildings, referred to as ”Bixxel_44″ (controlled by another player) following Aiden’s successful killing of his target, who was given orders to protect Aiden by intercepting the police trying to catch him, and then fled the place using fluid parkour-like moves.

Why I want it:Come one. Who didnt want to play this after seeing the trailer? I imagine it wont deliver on its promise but I’m willing to believe.

Masters of the Broken World



What they say: “Offering global, strategic and tactical levels of gameplay, MBW features the traditional “good vs. evil” decision dilemma where consequences of player’s choices significantly influence the outcome of the main game. Rebellions are best put out with a few legions of zombies… but if you’ll need this particular province at a later time, you’ll live to regret some of your easy decisions.”

Or, much like Dragon Commander below, lots, but not in easily copyable form. The Rock, Paper, Shotgun overview here – http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/08/11/masters-of-the-broken-world-revealed/ and the gameplay video below should give a good idea what its about.

Why I want it: Because the phrase “Fantasy non-linear turn-based strategy” gives me a weird mental erection? I just think this looks interesting and has the potential to be awesome.




What they say:Maia is a new game from indie developer Simon Roth
Manage your colonists and build a prospering community
Try not to get them killed


In 2113 the human race began its first extra solar colonisation program. One of the targets of this endeavour was maia


You must excavate an underground colony to escape the hostile surface of the world
You must mine minerals for construction build rooms to house, feed and entertain your colonists, defenses to protect them from dangerous wildlife and research sources of power, water and food


Up to 2km x 2km x 2km of procedural world
Complex colonist AI
Dark humour
AAA Quality graphics
Water and Lava simulation
Cellular Atmosphere
A simple minimalist UI
Inspired by 1970s sci-fi
Intricate defense systems
Bi-polar androids
A first person mode
Open data for modders

Why I want it:I like sci-fi. I like god games. They dont make god games anymore. This man wanted to make a sci-fi god game. So I have him money and now I eagerly await the fruit of his labours.

The God & The Fate Revolution Paradox



What they say:Nothing in english

Why I want it:As I mentioned above. I’ve played and enjoyed nearly every single NIS game. This looks like a nice hybrid between classic roguelike gameplay (which I like in my head but often not in practice) and NIS more traditional strategy rpg. It seems to be a spiritual successor to ZHP, which I started twice and while I enjoyed it I just fizzled out on it both times. Though as a minor point I would have preferred a more literal translation for ZHP.

Games I’ll probably play

If I was feeling like a dick (and when am I not?) I would suggest that these are the more popular and creatively bankrupt games and that they’ll be bought in bulk BY YOU SHEEP!. But that’s going a bit far. This section does feature a dis-proportinate number of “Triple A” titles though. I guess I’m drifting away from a place where mainstream games appeal to me. Games listed here are ones I will no doubt play but which are marred by one thing or another (quite often my own bizarre opinion).

Wizardry Online



What they say:Wizardry Online is the most hardcore fantasy MMO ever created. The difficulty level is insane. The dungeons are brutal. There is no auto-healing. You will earn your levels. Your crimes taint your soul. Your allies could betray you at any moment. And when you die, you die forever. Are you ready for the challenge?

Why I want it: While I’m not entirely sure why I want it I know that I’m going to play it because it’s F2P. I can’t decide if I like roguelikes/dungeon crawlers. In my head I think i do but in reality I am often disappointed by them. Wizardry is the first and supposedly the best roguelike and the combat looks reminiscent of Dark/Demon Souls. An MMO version of the Souls series with an anime aesthetic and permadeath is enough to push me to try a free game. I really hope its good.

Dead Space 3



What they say:Isaac Clarke returns, joined by merciless soldier John Carver, to chase a risky plan that promises to finally stop the Necromorphs. Together Clarke and Carver must explore the frozen planet of Tau Volantis and track down the secret they hope will end the Necromorph plague forever, all while overcoming avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and brutal elements, the unlikely pair must work together to save mankind from the impending apocalypse.

Why I want it: The Dead Space franchise has seen better days. It’s been getting worse game by game and the odd choice of adding co-op to a horror game doesnt make me think this is going to change that fall. The first game was great but had a few issues. Sadly the second game improved some elements while fucking up others. Still the basic gameplay, especially the “tactical dismemberment” is pretty solid so I’m like to give this a go (though after reading todays foot in mouth interview from the game producer about the pc port it’ll be a bit down the road)

Aliens Colonial Marines



What they say:You and your friends against the deadliest killers in the galaxy. Another glorious day in the corps.

Buckle up, soldier! Welcome to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Created by Gearbox, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite developers of Borderlands and Brothers In Arms, this first-person shooter is steeped in the eerie, claustrophobic and terrifying atmosphere that made the Aliens films successful worldwide. You and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines. It’s down to you to not just survive but wipe out the Xeno infestation.


Enlist in the Marine Corps
Bringing you a true sequel to James Cameron’s classic Aliens, get tooled up with classic Marine weapons including pulse rifles, motion trackers and flamethrowers.

The most authentic Aliens experience ever
Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including Hadley’s Hope, the Sulaco and LV-426, you will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric world where any moment could bring your death.

Drop-in / Drop-out co-operative gameplay
The masters of co-op bring their expertise to the Aliens universe. Xenos getting too tough? Call up your buddies so they can drop in with extra firepower. The whole campaign can be played with a squad of up to four players, dropping in and out as necessary through self-contained missions within an over-arching narrative.

Loadouts and upgrades
Create your perfect killing machine. An extensive upgrade system allows players to customize their characters to play the way they want. Earn experience to get perks, new weapons and new looks for your squad.

Why I want it:I am interested in this based purely on how good the first Aliens vs Predator game was. Which is stupid. Because I should be interested in it because its developed by Gearbox and Borderlands 1 and 2 are my among my favourite shooters of the last decade. If there was Predators in it this would be in the category above. But I just dont really like Aliens or Colonial Marines all that much (beyond watching them fuck one another up on the big screen).

Update: Well apparently this is the worst game in the history of foever and wasnt even properly developed by Gearbox. First failure down.

Etrian Odyssey IV



What they say:What is Etrian odyssey?

Since its inception in 2007, the Etrian Odyssey series has been breaking ground as a dungeon mapping game with a unique style and modern sensibilities. Now, the series makes its debut on the Nintendo 3DS!

Choose your own party from the series artist Yuji Himukai’s designs and rise to the challenge of the game’s labyrinths. While exploring, you will use the stylys to draw your own map; with it as your guide, you can play in many different ways and immerse yourself in the world of the game.
Why I want it:This is a series that I’ve always liked the look of but never had a chance to get into. It combines a nice anime aesthetic and some roguelike first person dungeon crawling, which is a genre I fucking loved when I was younger. Do I still love it? I’m hoping this game will let me decide. The demo for it is just released (and stuff done there can be imported to the main game, yay) so I’ll be gauging my interest based on that (I also cant purchase it for a while because of this)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

(19/03/13)(3DS & Wii-U)


What they say:Discover the epic world of Monster Hunter as you journey through more than 200 exhilarating quests, battler larger-than-life monsters and create hundreds of weapons and armor. Experience the world of Monster Hunter alone or with up to three friends in four player local play via the Nintendo 3DS or online via the Wii U system. Finding nearby hunters to adventure on quests with is now even easier using the local Nintendo 3DS search feature

Why I want it:
More or less the same reasons as above. Its a franchise and a genre I love in theory but in practice has never quite clicked. I actually quite enjoyed my initial forays into Monster Hunter Tri on a Wii emulator so an updated version for the Wii-U might be just the thing.

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers



What they say:Lots of stuff, but its all in flash so I cant copy and paste it

Why I want it:
Take everything I said for Etrian Odyssey IV above and apply it here. Only we’re swapping out fantasy for sci-fi horror (spun off from the Shin Megami Tensei series which I adore)

Bioshock Infinite



What they say:BioShock® Infinite, developed by Irrational Games, won over 75 editorial awards at this year’s E3, including the Game Critics Awards’ Best of Show.

In this first-person shooter set in 1912, the player assumes the role of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who is sent to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman imprisoned there since childhood. He develops a relationship with Elizabeth, augmenting his abilities with hers so they may escape from a city literally falling from the sky. DeWitt learns to fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles, engage in combat both indoors and amongst the clouds, and harnesses the power of dozens of new weapons and abilities.

Why I want it: I thought the first Bioshock game was awesome, great game, great story, great athmosphere. I thought Bioshock 2 was shit. The only good thing’s about it were the design for the Big Sisters and the world revealed in the ending. The game itself was dull as fuck. Infinite is by the original creation team and I’m expecting great things. But the spectre of Bioshock 2 stops me really getting on board.

Sir, You are being hunted



What they say:Survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world! Sir, You Are Being Hunted is tweedpunk robo-horror from Big Robot Games.

Why I want it:No real reason, it looks quirky and fun so I backed the kickstarter. Even if I dont particularly enjoy it I’m sure it’ll be good for a laugh or two.

Marvel Heroes



What they say:Marvel Heroes is a FREE-TO-PLAY action-packed massively multiplayer online game created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo and Diablo 2. Set in the iconic Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes combines the core game-play style of Action RPGs and MMOs with the expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. In the game, players can collect and play as their favorite Marvel Superheroes (including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America and many others). Team up with friends and try to stop Doctor Doom from devastating the world with the power of the Cosmic Cube in a story written by Marvel comic super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis.

Why I want it:I like the Marvel universe. I like the kind of action rpg Diablo-clones represent. I really liked the X-Men Legends and the not quite so good Marvel Heroes sequels, which were quite similar to how Diablo played. So a multiplayer version of the same that played a bit truer to its Diablo roots sounded cool. Then the previews started to come in, then the oh so ropey screenshots, then the microtransactions. The reason its in this section rather than the one below is because I really want a decent Marvel MMO.




What they say:WildStar™ infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilization – allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery!

Why I want it:A lot of these “Why I want stuff things” make me seem like something of a gaming junkie. This one isnt any different. I am at the moment largely free from MMO’s, I enjoy EVE but play it off and on. Guild Wars 2 is decent but again fails to hold my interest. Wildstar looks really enjoyable, the gameplay looks interesting and the setting intrigues me. Which will make the disappointment all the more cutting.




What they say:Gunpoint is a creative stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

You’re a freelance spy, infiltrating high security buildings with subterfuge, gratuitous face-punching, and an unusual type of electronic sabotage. You can cross-link things like light switches and doors so that the guards unwittingly take out their own security systems, their colleagues, and even themselves. It’s pretty funny.

Why I want it:Ah stealth games. Why the fuck have none of them been anywhere near as good as the original Tenchu? Why hasnt the original Tenchu got a from the ground up HD remake? Because people are fucking stupid. I know this. But I want to believe differently. Gunpoint looks like a heavily stylised quirky stealth puzzle game. So I’m willing to give it a go.

Mars War Logs



What they say:

Mars: War Logs is a 3rd person action RPG that takes the player into a futuristic and decadent universe, with a strong storyline where each choice is crucial.

Using the same universe as our previous project, we rewrote a story, adapted to a “short” format for digital, and came up with new characters. We also re-thought the gameplay to make it solidly RPG, with a variety of quests, dynamic and tactical combat, varied skill trees, multiple-choice dialog and a complex craft system.

Mars: War Logs is therefore a “short story” in the Mars universe that offers complete and solid gameplay with high replay value.

“Over a century after the catastrophe that shook Mars and threw its colonists into chaos, power is now shared between the different companies distributing the arid planet’s most precious asset: water. The conservative and somewhat archaic Abundance thus struggles to maintain its influence in the face of Aurora, a young guild whose power stems from their plethora of Technomancers, people capable of focusing their energy in Terran artefacts to create devastating “magical” effects.

Our story begins in the middle of these struggles, when a young prisoner of Abundance meets Roy, a cynical an unwavering man, and decides to keep a war diary…”

Why I want it: Three words: “Cyberpunk”, “Mars”, “RPG”, just take my fucking money already! This looks great. But the developers track record looks terrible. Which brings us to where we are, which is here, here where excitement and trepidation meet to form “Meh, yeah I’ll more than likely give it a go”

Prison Architecht



What they say:Nothing in text, its all video

Why I want it:
Behold my secret shame, I never played Theme Hospital, I always wanted to but never did. I played The Sims which seemed to be their spiritual successor. This seems like something of a hybrid betweeen the two, only with much more dangerous showers and a goal of making your charges life miserable at best. If only the alpha wasnt priced quite so high I would be already satisfying my urges

Total War Rome II




Become the world’s first superpower and command the most incredible and vast war machine of the Ancient world. Dominate the enemies of your glorious empire by military, economic and political means.

Your rise will bring admiration from your followers but will also attract greed and jealousy, even from your closest allies.

Will betrayal strike you down, or will you be the first to turn on old friends? How much are you ready to sacrifice for your vision of Rome? Will you fight to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Dictator — as Emperor?

Why I want it:I’ve enjoyed the Total War series but I never played Total War Rome, which is heralded by a rather vocal subsection of the fans as the best. Over the past few months I’ve become quite interested in Roman history so I now quite fancy having a crack at rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns



What they say:Key Features

Lightning will be the playable character – with a highly evolved range of techniques for battles and exploring the environment. Customise Lightning with a large range of different outfits and weapons; that affect not only the way she looks, but also her actions and abilities.

A new battle system gives a level of direct control over the action unlike any FINAL FANTASY game, while having iconic elements that are known and loved throughout the series too.

Stunning artistic direction depicts a doomed world filled with choice and diversity. Living, expansive environments featuring a rising and setting sun provide unique experiences for every player.

A world on a course for total annihilation presents unique challenges; where certain areas, missions, and people will only be available during selected periods. How will you use your remaining time?

Stay connected to FINAL FANTASY and its characters, with unique features that link the in-game world to the real world.

Why I want it: FFXIII was not good. It had an interesting combat system hidden behind a depressing, poorly paced story populated with one of the most unlikeable casts Ive ever come across in a videogame. It also had amazingly shitty looking summons (a terrible sin for a FF game). FFXIII-2 was a big improvement. It had a likeable enough cast (even redeeming some of the shitty characters from XIII), interesting mechanics and one of the best villains in any FF game. This game looks like a departure from both, it looks almost like a testbed for FFXIII-Versus mechanics, being an action rpg. It also has some interesting time mechanics and lots of costumes (sorry, but I fucking love playing dress up in RPG’s). On the other hand it stars Lightning, whom I fucking detest. We’ll see how it goes once more details are available.

Beyond: Two souls



What they say:From the makers of the award-winning Heavy Rain™ comes a unique, psychological action thriller. Featuring a brand-new game engine, a compelling, original story, and a top-notch Hollywood cast; BEYOND: Two Souls™ promises to be one of the most immersive experiences on the PlayStation®3.

Live the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through a psychic link to an invisible entity. Experience the most striking moments of Jodie’s life as your actions and decisions determine her fate. As she traverses the globe, Jodie will face incredible challenges against a backdrop of emotionally-charged events never before seen in a video game.

Dive into a gripping and unpredictable action thriller starring Academy Award-nominee Ellen Page in the lead role.
Take full control of Jodie as well as the mysterious entity in spectacular action sequences.
Experience the new cutting-edge technology from Quantic Dream that creates one of the best-looking games ever seen on the PlayStation®3.

Why I want it:Because while David Cage opens his mouth and inserts his foot with frightening regularity some of what he says is right and while it didnt deliver on everything it promised Heavy Rain really did feel different and draw me into the narrative in a way which may have been admittedly emotionally manipulative but nonetheless provided a genuinely interesting experience (the bit where you have to maim yourself was probably the highlight for me). So I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and expend a little anticipation on what Beyond might end up being.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade



What they say:Muramasa follows the story of Kisuke, a fugitive who has lost his memory, including that of a crime that he committed; and Momohime, a lithe princess possessed by a dark spirit.

Why I want it:Vanillaware’s artwork is amazing. I’d buy an artbook of theirs in a heartbeat. But I’d prefer to buy their games. Which is why I was genuinely disappointed that the localisation of Grand Knights Historia was cancelled and that the completion of Dragon’s Crown continually pushed back. Muramasa is actually the only one of their localised games I havent played and I regretted that after enjoying both the gameplay and sumptuous visuals in the somewhat similar Odin’s Sphere. So an updated and expanded version is something I’m very much interested in getting in on

Mount & Blade II


What they say:Nothing yet

Why I want it:There are basically no details available for this so to a certain extent my interest is largely built around it being “More Mount and Blade, but better”. I sunk a lot of hours into Mount and Blade but ultimately the lack of polish killed my interest and I never really got back into it. However the initial play experience was great so Im very much interested in seeing an expanded and more polished version of it.

Warhammer Quest



What they say:Warhammer Quest will be a universal app sold exclusively via the Apple App Store. Warhammer Quest is the game of adventure set in the Warhammer World. You take control of
a party of four questing warriors in search of immeasurable power and riches. Your adventures
will take you deep into the dungeons and under-lairs of the Old World, fighting foul creatures as
you explore hidden tunnels in the hope of finding lost treasure, hoards of gold and lasting fame.

Why I want it: I really enjoyed Warhammer Quest “back in the day”. I’ve also been enjoying playing a variety of board and collectible card games on my iPad/Galaxy S2. When well implemented baord games really suit a mobile/tablet gaming space. So it’s almost definite that I’ll pick this up unless its a) shit or b) priced ridiculously.

Company of Heroes 2



What they say:In the world’s darkest hour you are a commander of the Soviet Red Army, entrenched in brutal frontline warfare to free Mother Russia from the Enemy invaders.

It is 1941 and the beginning of what will become the bloodiest conflict of World War II resulting in more than 14 million military casualties.

Witness the struggles of the Red Army from near defeat through their incredible triumph over Germany in the most challenging and costly theatre of the war, the Eastern Front.

Your military tactics hold the power to tip the very balance of this conflict. Engage in tactical combat that will define you as a military leader and wield the might of the Soviet Empire as you smash your way to Berlin.

The Motherland is Calling!
Key Features

Award Winning Franchise – Sequel to the highest rated strategy game of all time returns with an innovative warfare experience that will redefine the Strategy genre once more
Essence 3.0 Engine – Cutting-edge technology that increases the graphical quality and accuracy of deadly combat with the unprecedented TrueSight™ system and ultrarealistic ColdTech™ dynamic weather that changes strategic warfare forever
Blood and Snow – Take command of the iconic Red Army on the Eastern Front and repel the Enemy invaders in this Battle of the Ideologies
Tactical Warfare – Develop and utilize your new Commander Abilities and experience the up-close moment-to-moment brutality of frontline warfare through new Dynamic Battle Tactics
Intense Online Combat – Featuring the great competitive and co-operative multiplayer that fans have grown to expect from this high-quality and critically acclaimed franchise

Why I want it:All about those snow effects, am I right? The original Dawn of War series are probably my favourite/the best examples of “classic” RTS play and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Company of Heroes is widely regarded as being the same only better. While I own Company of Heroes and its two expansions I have not as yet (for some odd reason) played them. But Im willng to believe theyre better than DOW and that the sequel is better than them. The previews for the sequel make that easy to believe.




What they say:Scrolls is a fresh take on the collectible card games of old. It’s developed by Mojang – creators of Minecraft. You’ll create your own personalised army from a digital deck before unleashing it in battles with players around the world. It will eventually be released on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Scrolls will give you freedom to participate in casual matches against your buddies and competitive ranked games against strangers. There’ll also be opportunity to play intense tournaments that’ll have players and spectators whooping because a pack of wolves just devoured a Sinmarked Zealot. Or because a mortar landed on a column of infantry, annihilating them at one fell swoop. Or because a complete newbie took out an Iron Ogre by peppering them with so much goo that they can no longer retain structural integrity.

Why I want it:I spent amount of my time and money on a wide variety of CCG’s. A lot of which I still own but dont get to play as much as I like. So I’m generally quite interested in electronic versions of the same, the fact that this game also includes turn based strategy elements makes it only more appealing. Now if only I could get an alpha key from somewhere.

Dragon Commander


What they say:Lots. But one of it in easy to copy advertising blurb. The Destructoid preview here – http://www.destructoid.com/preview-dragon-commander-209411.phtml gives a fairly good preview of the game.

Why I want it: To be honest the trailer and the name sold me on this. I get to command dragons fighting giant fucked up magical air fleets? Take my money now. I’ve always wanted a decent “Play as a dragon” game (Lair you let me down) and hopefully this will be it. Also the dragons have jetpacks and you transform into one (a dragon, not a jetpack). There’s also a strategic meta level game as well. This just sounds great.




What they say:Xenonauts is a single-player PC strategy game. Primarily a strategy game, it straddles several sub-genres and so we’ve resorted to describing it as a ‘planetary defence simulator’. The player is in control of an organisation tasked with defending the planet against extraterrestrial invasion; establishing bases across the world that house the aircraft, scientists, technicians and soldiers that will be used to protect humanity. The skies must be defended against alien incursion, while ground teams must be sent into combat to capture crashed UFOs or cleanse terror sites to retain the confidence of funding nations and capture new extraterrestrial artefacts and technology to study. As the game goes on, the player researches the captured artefacts to unlock new units and battlefield technology to use in the fight against the aliens while slowly discovering their origins, eventually learning enough to defeat the alien invasion – assuming that they have not already been overrun!

The game is heavily inspired by the classic X-Com / UFO: Enemy Unknown, released in the mid-90s by the now-defunct Mythos / Microprose. It is not a straight remake; though the core mechanics remain similar much has changed or been updated – so much so, in fact, that we prefer the term ‘reimagining’ to remake’.

The game consists of three main elements, the Geoscape, Air Combat and Ground Combat. Full details on each are explained on their respective overview pages.

Why I want it: XCOM Enemy Unknown certainly sounds awesome. But as the designers themsevles admit, it is going to be quite different from the original XCOM game. The purist within me rebels a little at that so its a good thing that Xenonauts is going to be a much more faithful ehancment of the original.




What they say:In Fortnite, players will explore, forage, collaborate and build by day in their own dynamic and expanding world. At night, they’ll work together to defend their prized fortress from the forces of darkness.

Why I want it:The scavenging and construction mechanics look really interesting and are something that to-date not other game has got right. The tower defence element also appeals, even if I’m sick to death (no pun intended) of fucking zombies.

Super TIME Force



What they say:THE YEAR: 198X















Why I want it: Because the core mechanic, of leveraging earlier versions of yourself, just sounds like a lot of fun



What they say:In the distant future, the X universe faces a period of profound and irrevocable change. While the universe stumbles towards an uncertain future, countless adventures await as new enemies rise in search of power. Enter a young adventurer and his unlikely female ally traveling in an old, battered ship with a glorious past – two people alone against the galaxy, playing a key part in the events to come. The fate of the universe rests in the hands of the player…

X Rebirth represents a spectacular new beginning for the X series, offering loyal fans and newcomers alike a vast, vivid and extremely detailed universe to explore throughout the game. Varied gameplay elements such as action-packed space combat, detailed trading mechanics and high-speed space exploration with fast travel allow players to experience a truly unique space saga that will keep them hooked for dozens of hours. X Rebirth features a whole new user experience – it is easier than ever to start with, and remains as deep as fans expect it.

Why I want it:Frontier Elite II was one of the most immersive video game experiences I’ve ever had. Traversing that procedurally generated galaxy ate an entire summer holidays. I’d love to play something like that again, even if I’m not sure experiences like that can be replicated I’m happy to use X-Rebirth to try.

Earth Defence Force 4/2025



What they say:Nothing in english

Why I want it: The first EDF was good mindless fun. This looks like more of the same.

Macross 30



What they say:Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy (マクロス30 銀河を繋ぐ歌声 Makurosu 30: Ginga wo tsunagu utagoe?) is an upcoming Action RPG game for the PlayStation 3 developed by Artdink and published by Namco Bandai Games. The game commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Macross anime series created by Shoji Kawamori, featuring every series from the franchise.
Why I want it: This looks a lot like a shameless cash-in for the fans. So its probably not surprising that the majority of my interest in it is because I’m a fan of the franchise

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters



What they say:Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a unique Action-RPG adventure presented within a vivid and expressive hand-painted style world. Featuring narrative themes driven by the classic Red Riding Hood tale merged with Eastern Folklore. Discover fantastic locales, meet bizarre characters and hunt ancient demons, all set to the backdrop of late Edo period Japan

Why I want it:Because I love the artistic style. The world isnt super short on action games like this but the somewhat unique graphic style and design set it apart and interest me. It’s also the first Steam Greenlight game I ever upvoted.

Remeber Me



What they say:The player controls Nilin, an amnesiac ‘memory hunter’, through the streets of Neo-Paris in the year 2084. This dystopian future features a surveillance state. Nilin’s former employer, Memorise, erases her memories to neutralize her and she must discover why and how to restore them. The game opens with Nilin in Bastille Prison.

Remember Me features exploration, platforming, and melee combat. The game introduces the mechanic of ‘memory remixing’: entering and rearranging a target’s memories to manipulate them. Players accomplish this by replaying a memory and modifying details to change the target’s recollection of the outcome.

The game will allow players to create and customize their own combos in the Combo Lab, which uses four families of fighting moves called Pressens that players can reorganize by creating chains. To create a chain, players choose Pressens from one of four families to build a combo that suits their needs. There are 24 Pressens in all, and they’re earned by gaining Procedural Mastering Power (PMP), which comes from performing combos and defeating enemies. By performing enough combos, players will earn a small amount of Focus. After earning a certain amount of Focus, players can perform special moves known as S-Pressens. S-Pressens can be unlocked at key points throughout Remember Me’s story, and there are five overall. S-Pressens are selected from the Senwheel, which is an interface that displays the amount of Focus a player has in addition to allowing them to select an S-Pressen. During combat, the screen will “glitch” when Nilin is low on health, or when the move she’s using isn’t effective, indicating the player should switch to a different combo. Players will be able to create up to four active combos, which they can use to adapt to specific combat situations they encounter. According to Capcom, there are over 50,000 combinations that can be formed using the Combo Lab. Pressen types can be combined into single combos called multi-usage combos. A Pressen’s efficiency is determined by its position within the combo—the later a Pressen appears, the more powerful it will be. Players will also see a Dynamic Combo Display on screen that gives real-time feedback indicating the input players have chosen (kick or punch) and the Pressen family the move belongs to

Why I want it:The combat system sounds awesome and is being designed by someone with a fairly stellar track record.




What they say:StarForge is a game about gathering resources, building bases, crafting anything you want, and surviving on an alien planet. Earth’s star is dying and humanity transferred as much technology and resources as possible and left on a one way mission to populate another planet.

StarForge was inspired by Halo, Warcraft 3, Borderlands, Terraria, and Minecraft. It borrows elements from the RTS, FPS, RPG, Voxel Builder, Tower Defense, and Physics Sandbox genres. We are building a dark and serious universe and want the player to live out their own unique story on the procedural planet.

Why I want it:Nicer looking Minecraft with guns and a sci-fi theme. Of course I want it, Im not made of stone

Game’s I’m not likely to play but may

(ooh snappy title)

These are games that I’ve very little interest in but will probably end up playing because a) everybody else will and I like to have something to base my ranting on or b) just because. Some games are also here because there simply isnt enough information available at the moment to decide how interested I am.

Sim City



What they say:
What is SimCity?

This is a new SimCity that delivers unprecedented depth of simulation. The model-like world and detail of the simulation make this the most responsive and personal SimCity ever. This is also the most expansive city management game yet where you can control a region that delivers true multi-city scale and play a single city or up to 16 cities at once each with different specializations. Multiplayer is also a first for the series, which adds a new dimension to your game as your decisions impact both your city and your region and creates new ways to play by collaborating or competing to earn achievements. Finally, SimCity is a live service that simulates real time updates from new challenges to new features and content.

Depth of Simulation

With the new GlassBox engine everything you see is simulated — from city-wide systems all the way down to the individual Sims in your city. Quickly view the consequences of your actions and dig in to see how the systems work. See the impact of your decisions by clicking on individual Sims to learn about what they’re doing, their wealth and happiness. Manipulate power, water, taxes, pollution, education, unemployment, and much more! New data visualization tools add incredible depth that is quickly accessible to the player — click on the power layer for an instant snapshot of how electricity is distributed throughout your city. Or customize your fire station by adding a dispatch tower to respond to fires and emergencies more quickly.

True Multi-city Scale

Play a single city or up to 16 cities at once and track population, wealth, education and happiness across your region. Playing multiple cities, each with different specializations from casino meccas to manufacturing hubs, delivers endless possibilities to create, strategize, and play. The more you invest in a specific industry, the more influence a city has over your region.

City Specialization

For the first time, create truly unique cities with different specializations. Mayors seeking intelligent Sims can build a college town full of libraries, community colleges and universities. Specialize in Big Business such as Casinos, Electronics, Coal, Trade, and more to increase the wealth of your city. Each specialization has major benefits but consequences as well. Educated Sims unlock technologies that will benefit your region, but large universities are expensive to maintain. Casinos will bring tourism and raise Simoleons but also attract unwanted crime.


Your decisions now impact both your city and your region. Choose to be a good neighbor and send fire and police resources to other cities in need, or specialize in industries that create pollution and then watch as the Sims in your neighbors’ cities become sick. You can also choose to collaborate or compete with friends to build great works or earn achievements by topping the leaderboards. As a live service, the game can simulate real time updates from new challenges to new features and content.

Why I want it: In late 1996 I followed a guy I’d met earlier that night back to his amazingly dodgy apartment on Bridge Street and watched him play Sim City 2000 as I drank some cheap wine. I then begged for a copy of it, on glorious floppy disk of course, got a taxi home and spent all night playing it. Ha I bet you thought that was going to go all Midnight Cowboy (in an unrelated incident he did come in one night to find me naked on his kitchen floor, but thats a different story). I fucking loved Sim City 2000. Obsessively so. I never really got into the sequels in a big way but I was really looking forward to this one. Now I dont share the internets hatred of them, but it does seem like EA, “EA-ed” the game up. Always online DRM, in game microstransaction store, etc. It put me off a bit I have to say. So now Im not sure.

God of War:Ascension



What they say:Vengeance is born in the fires of betrayal in this prequel to the best-selling God of War franchise. Six months have passed since Kratos stood over the bodies of his wife and child, his hands stained with their blood – tricked by Ares into murdering the only people he ever loved. Swearing to avenge them, Kratos broke the blood oath that bound him to Ares, but oaths to Olympus are not so easily broken… Sentenced to an eternity chained within a prison for the living damned, Kratos battles insanity at the hands of the Furies. He will be tested as he seeks freedom, redemption for his sins, and the clarity to avenge his family.

A prequel to the original God of War, an unexpected and riveting journey that tells the dark and more human past of Kratos before he became the “Ghost of Sparta” will enthrall you with epic-and brutal over-the-top action, that retains the signature gameplay of this storied franchise in a fully-fledged single-player campaign.

Why I want it:I dont really. I thought GoW 1 was the best game in the series and as the games went on I hated Kratos more and more. On the other hand, from a pure gameplay perspective the games did improve with each new iteration. Which is why I’m vaguely interested in trying this out.

Carmageddon Reincarnation



What they say:“Attention all competitors: This is your one minute warning. I repeat, one minute until race commencement. Members of the public: You now have one minute to reach minimum safe distance!”

Thus began the introduction to the original Carmageddon.

Now, almost 15 years after that first warning announcement, we are pleased to be able to give advanced notification to all those of a nervous disposition that the Carmageddon racers are back. And just for the record – the break hasn’t done anything to improve their road manners.

Today, the team who developed that first game have finally been reunited with their creation. Carmageddon has come home.

Why I want it:Nostalgia, pure and simple. I honestly dont think this game can deliver when its main selling point is no longer relevant.





What they say:In 10 seconds, the RMS Titanic will hit an iceberg, killing over 2/3rds of the passengers… AND THAT’S THE GOOD NEWS!

Dreadline is a high intensity, single player, action role playing/real time strategy mashup. You control an unlikely and eclectic group of monsters killing the doomed during historically-inspired catastrophes.

Why I want it:
While some people find the premise offensive I think it sounds clever and unique. Sadly the kickstarter fails so it seems foolish to look forward to it coming out.


BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma



What they say:Nothing in english
Why I want it:Because I have Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to fighting games


Project X Zone



What they say:Nothing in english

Why I want it: In theory I love massive crossovers. But they always seem better in theory than in execution. I fear this will be the case here as well.

Project Godus



What they say:GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre.
Why I want it:Because I like god games and I’d love to see a resurgence in the genre. On the other hand Peter Molyneux spews more shit than a burst colostomy bag so I dont have very high hopes for this at all.

Deadpool: The Game



What they say: Words

Why I want it:On the one hand I quite like Deadpool as a character and the actual gameplay in this looks fun. The script itself, from what you see in the trailer anywhow, seems quite a good fit for a Deadpool game. But the voice acting, oh god. Which is weird because the guy doing it is quite an accomplished VA. But it’s just terrible. So terrible that it largely put me off the game.

Dodonpachi Saidaioujou



What they say:Nothing in english

Why I want it: Bullet hell shooters are something I sort of enjoy, but would likely enjoy more if I didnt totally fucking suck at them. CAVE make the best ones. This is the newest one from CAVE. Do the complex maths.




What they say:One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet.

Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy’s wooden head and cast away his body. But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.

Puppeteer is a brand new franchise developed exclusively for PlayStation® 3 by SCE JAPAN Studio. Set in a magical puppeteer’s theatre, this title will introduce you to a strange and fantastic world, where the environment is constantly changing. Players will enjoy a rich, dark fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner.

Why I want it:I like the look of the creepy puppets, but Im not sure if thats enough to convince me to play it

Valkyria Chronicles III


What they say: Valkyria Chronicles III (戦場のヴァルキュリア3 Unrecorded Chronicles, Senjō no Varukyuria Surī Unrecorded Chronicles?, “Valkyria of the Battlefield 3: Unrecorded Chronicles”) is a tactical role-playing game, developed and published by Sega for the PlayStation Portable.

Occurring in the same time frame as the first game, Valkyria Chronicles III is a side story that follows the exploits of an unwanted and castigated Gallian Army squad during the Imperial invasion of 1935. Contrasting the previous games’ bright outlook and recognition for their protagonists, VCIII explores the themes of being outcast and the search for redemption. As described by its catchphrase, the game tells “The tale of nameless soldiers who, on the verge of despair, changed history.”

Why I want it: Because Valkyria Chronicles was awesome. It’s one of the best games on the PS3 and one of the few games in recent years that felt genuinely fresh. I can only assume SEGA hates me and thats why its realesed Valkyria Chronicles II and this on the PSP (a device which I own but am seemingly incapable of completing a game on). I still have yet to play the second game. Actually as I write this I think I’m going to drop this down a notch. While I would like to support the franchise I still havent played the second one (which is supposedly awesome) and I dont know when I will. RELEASE THESE ON A PROPER FUCKING CONSOLE SEGA! This is supposed to have quite a grim story, which when it comes to computer games generally means full of wangst and pseudo maturity. But the story in the first game was pretty decent so I’ll give it a chance. Oh cool, its actually set in the same period as the first game.

Oh and like a few other games listed here this hasnt officially had a localisation announced. With the Vita coming out in a month or so chances dont look good.

Update: Chances did indeed turn out to not be good. Its two years later and theres no chance of this being officially localised. The key word there being officially. Theres a full fan translation in the works so I might get to play this yet.

Fever dreams

Games whos existence has been announced but little else. There’s not much to go on for these other than a name and a rough idea and the majority of them are unlikely to make it out in 2012.



What’s the deal: “Ravensdale is a fast paced fantasy action game in a very unique steam powered setting featuring outrageously over-powered gadgetry. The player will seek out high pressure steam outlets, to supercharge his equipment, allowing him to pulverize his adversaries and overcome the obstacles on his path.”

I like both steampunk and action rpg’s and I find it amusing that its called Ravensdale (which is five minutes up the road from me). Hard to say anything more at this point as theres little to nothing to go on



What’s the deal: This is basically Paradox’s take on the classic version of Syndicate. There arent a lot of details available at the moment, nor even an official release. All the details are from interviews such as this one – and they sound awesome. I loved the original Syndicate and was a big fan of Syndicate Wars as well (though I feel it failed to capture the brilliance of the first game). I am most definitely interested in seeing Paradox, a company who’s output appears a lot on this list, taking a crack at Syndicate.

Dark Souls 2



What they say:That it sadly probably wont make its 2013 debut
Why I want it:The Souls series is one of the best new IP’s this generation. Demon Souls and Dark Souls consumed a ridiculous amount of my time. It would be weirder if I wanst looking forward to this.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem



What they say:Nothing other than that it exists

Why I want it:Because I would buy more or less anything that has Shin Megami Tensei somehwere in the title.

Bravely Default



What they say:Lots of things, but not in english

Why I want it: The game looks amazing, while I am not the worlds biggest fan of “Old School” JRPG’s as represented by the earlier Final Fantasies I am a fan of what this game does.




What they say:Nothing more than that it exists

Why I want it:Because it looks cool, and it takes very little to get me interested in a JRPG


What they say:Nothing, other than that it exists.
Why I want it:Because Fables is one of the best comics I’ve read, ever, and based on the glowing reviews The Walking Dead game has received it seems like these guys know what theyre doing.



What they say:Nothing other than it exists
Why I want it:Because its Shinji Mikami’s new game

Deep Down


What’s the deal: This really stole the show for me at the PS4 announcement ceremony. I’m really hoping its either Dragon Dogma 2 or a spiritual sequel. Either way it looks absolutely amazing, is this is what “next gen” is then sign me the fuck up. Seriously, look at the trailer (in 1080p if possible)

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