Mick’s Mighty Mutated Marvel Draft – Origins Part 2

Esteban Corazón de Ablo was born on May 1st 1500 AD. He lost his parents to disease at an early age. Despite being nobles, living in the lands outside the city of Zaragoza in the kingdom of Aragon, modern medicine was simply unable to cure their condition. Left to the care of his uncle Pedro Esteban spent his youth learning both the skills required of a noble and everything he could find about medicine. Esteban planned to become a doctor in order to try and save people from the same fate as his parents. Leaving his home in Zaragoza Esteban traveled to Switzerland to study in the famous University of Basel. It was here that a young Esteban met the eccentric and somewhat infamous Paracelsus. Esteban’s quick wit soon caught the attention of Paracelsus and a friendship quickly formed between the two young men. Continue reading…

Mick’s Mighty Mutated Marvel Draft – Origins

Well a whopping total of zero people were interested in this. I HATE YOU ALL! Perhaps because my previous post wasnt entirely clear. Oh well, I think I’ll forge ahead and give it a go myself. Unfortunately a one man draft lacks the questionable excitement of having your potential picks nabbed before you get to them. In order to try and emulate that I’m going to add four “phantom” draftee’s. Basically I’ll be going to the Marvel wiki after I make my own picks and using the random function to make four random picks. I’ll be going for one pick a day. Day’s 1-7 will be hero picks, Day 8 team names, Day 9 villain pick, Day 10, “Wildcard” picks. Then I’ll throw together a summary of my first “six issue” story arc.
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(Further) Misadventures in Minecraft

Day 8

I awake to my second week in hell. My joy at actually living through a night was off-set by my oracular vision of where I was trapped. Still there was nothing to do but continue on with my plan to explore the subterranean depths. I hurriedly finished my crude home and set off once more into the mines.

I spend the day alternately mining and logging. By evening even my superdimensional pants are streatched to breaking point; turgid with wood and stone. Continue reading…

Misadventure’s in Minecraft

Day 4

I hauled myself to my feet once more. Three times, three times since I’d been here had I fallen into that suffocating darkness only to find myself cast back to the same shore time and time again. Had I died? Was this some hellish afterlife I must endure as punishment for my misdeeds? (Is injecting your semen into your housemate’s canned goods even really a sin? Still I had no choice but to continue with my quest to build some kind of shelter. I must return to that cliff-face where I had found coal and longbow wielding skeletons in equal measure. Girding my rectangular loins I set out once more. Only to be set upon almost immediately by a hideous quadruped cactus man. My attempts at communication were met with a high pitched hissing as he lunged towards me. Continue reading…

Mick’s Adventure’s in Minecraft

Day 1

I am writing this jounral in a vain attempt to keep myself sane. I awoke from a restless sleep to find myself lying beneath the blazing sun on a sandy beach, staring at some islands in the distance.

My head throbbed with a strange pain and my body felt swollen and mishappened. Raising my hands to my head I cried out in terror as they came into view. Where once there had been hands (that had pleasured me endlessley) there were now only crude flesh cubes. I surveyed the rest of my body and my horror grew. I looked like the bastard spawn of a bobble head and lego soldier.

I also realised that my surroundings shared my strange angular malady. Where was I, what had happened to me and how the fuck was I going to get home? Continue reading…

If Mick was the Devil (Part 2) Or The Emperors New Clothes

Well due to popular demand (aka one person mentioning it in passing) Ive decided to push the critically important chronicling of my thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII to a later date and continue with this instead. So when we last left our intrepid author he had become the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Flies, Old Nick, Old Scratch, El Diablo, well you get the picture. However, now that it isn’t five of the offensively early am clock I can see that some elements escaped examination in Part 1. Elements which should probably be addressed before going forward. Continue reading…

If Mick was the Devil (Part 1) Or “Please allow me to introduce myself…”

It has been suggested by both maid (buxom and otherwise) and madman that I am in fact the devil. Clearly this is insanity (likely brought on by their insatiable lust for my naughty parts). However it serves as a suitable enough introduction from which to segue into a thought exercise which I’ve been idly kicking around in the old noggin for a while now. So without further ado or folderol we humbly present our main event, enjoy. (In the interest of full disclosure this does meander a bit so you may want to simply skip down to the revised checklist and go on from there). Continue reading…