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Well a whopping total of zero people were interested in this. I HATE YOU ALL! Perhaps because my previous post wasnt entirely clear. Oh well, I think I’ll forge ahead and give it a go myself. Unfortunately a one man draft lacks the questionable excitement of having your potential picks nabbed before you get to them. In order to try and emulate that I’m going to add four “phantom” draftee’s. Basically I’ll be going to the Marvel wiki after I make my own picks and using the random function to make four random picks. I’ll be going for one pick a day. Day’s 1-7 will be hero picks, Day 8 team names, Day 9 villain pick, Day 10, “Wildcard” picks. Then I’ll throw together a summary of my first “six issue” story arc.

Pick #1


Zhang Tong saw his father, a powerful merchant and his mother, a rich English heiress gunned down in front of him during the violence that enveloped Shanghai in 1920. It was then that the young boy swore he would never let this happen again. Sent to live with his uncle in the countryside Zhang dedicated his considerable inheritance to training him for what was to come. Mastering both martial arts and science Zhang trained relentlessly until 1928 when violence, this time the spreading Chinese civil war, once more intervened in his life. Fleeing the incoming troops Zhang got lost in the mountains and wandered into the forbidden Valley of Spirits. Stumbling lost and alone through the valley Zhang found himself at the entrance to a strange temple.

Within the deserted temple he found a wizened old monk, who introduced himself as Master Akarr. Zhang begged for shelter and food and Master Akarr complied. Finding himself intrigued by the strange old hermit Zhang extended his stay, eventually becoming Master Akarr’s pupil. Master Akarr passed on to Zhang ancient martial arts known only to himself. The years seemed to fly by as Zhang trained relentlessly to attain a mastery of the martial arts that was beyond human capacity. Neither Zhang nor Akarr aged, nor did anyone from the outside world intrude, a fact Zhang accepted without question until the eightieth year of his tutelage when Akarr finally granted him the rank of Master.

It was then that Akarr revealed to Zhang who and what he truly was. Akarr was an alien from the planet Maklu-4 who’s ship had crash landed on earth centuries ago. Akarr had been gravely injured in the crash and was unable to leave the valley, as his life was sustained by the remains of his ship; the temple which Zhang had stumbled upon decades ago. Akarr explained that he was part of an elite martial order on Maklu-4, who’s task it was to police the galaxy. Akarr had trained Zhang to be his replacement and representative on earth. Deeming his training complete Akarr gifted Zhang with the traditional armament of his order, the Ten Rings of Maklu. These alien artifacts were rings of unique and awesome power. Each possessing its own impossible ability. Thus armed Zhang was sent forth by Akarr to bring peace to the earth. Thus was born The Jade Dragon!


Zhang is a patient and honest person. Willing to believe the best of others, but not so naive as to always expect it. His driving passion is to see the world at peace, to bring an end to violence. However he does not believe that the ends justify the means and always strives to stay true to his ideals. While he was once among the greatest scientific minds of his day Zhang is currently a man out of time, the world has advanced at an almost unbelievable pace while he trained in the Valley of Spirits. Zhang is quickly familiarising himself with the modern world but often finds himself at a loss. He is currently situated in New York’s Chinatown. Heading there as he believes that situating himself in one of the worlds most important cities, and the heart of the worlds superhuman community will allow him to best aclimatise himself to this strange new world and start working towards his goals.

Powers and Abilities

Zhang is a master of most traditional chinese martial arts as well as the unique martial arts of the Makulan elite. His hand to hand combat skills are superhuman. His training, along with his exposure to the energy core of the Makulan ship have gifted him with increased longevity as well as peak human physical skills. Added to this is the immeasurable power of the Makulan power rings. These rings channel and augment Zhang’s Chi in order to generate a multitude of astounding effects. Zhang has yet to fully master their use but even their basic capabilities are impressive. The ring’s are divided into two set’s of five, the Rings of Yin and the Rings of Yang.

Yin Ring’s

Ring 1 – The Ebon Tiger’s Breath

This ring channel’s and augments Yang’s Yin Chi, channeling yin’s cold nature the ring causes the air in its path to turn to ice it can also lower an object’s temperature to near absolute zero.

Ring 2 – The Ebon Tiger’s Embrace

Augmenting yin chi’s affiliation with darkness the ring can create an area of absolute blackness absorb’s all light used withing it

Ring 3 – The Ebon Tiger’s Gaze

This ring uses Yin’s yielding correspondence to make it’s target susceptible to suggestion and allow’s it’s bearer to cloud their minds.

Ring 4 – The Ebon Tiger’s Claw’s

Channeling the destructive entropy of the yin aspect this ring breaks apart the bonds between matter. The ring solid entropic blades that disintegrate whatever they touch. Using this ring is particularly draining for Zhang due to the high expenditure of chi it requires.

Ring 5 – Tear’s of the Ebon Tiger

This ring allows the wearer to control and shape water. The volume and level of control is based on the wearers skill and concentration.

Yang Ring’s

Ring 6 – Scales of the Scarlet Dragon

This ring allows the user to channel yang chi through his body. Augmenting his physical capabilities and making him highly resistant to damage. In conjunction with Zhang’s Iron Body training this ring allow’s him to be near invulnerable for short periods of time.

Ring 7 – The Scarlet Dragon’s Breath

This ring draws upon Yang Chi’s correspondences with fire and heat in order to generate heat and flames of an intensity determined by the user. The upper limits of such heat is determined only by the users will and chi reserves.

Ring 8 – Vitality of the Scarlet Dragon

This ring allows the user to channel Yang chi in order to heal his own injuries and those of others. This ring will function to save the wearer’s life even without his conscious command. As long as some life remains this ring will eventually heal its wearer. This process can be accelerated if chi is channeled into the ring.

Ring 9 – The Scarlet Dragon’s Eye

This ring can transform chi into light. It allows the user to emit light of varying intensity and power, from a bright flash to a focused cutting torch.

Ring 10 – The Scarlet Dragon’s Brush

Drawing upon Yang’s chi’s affinity with creativity and solidness this ring allows the wearer to solidify his chi in order to create basic energy constructs.


I’m happy enough with the basic outline but the origin story feel’s a little sloppy in execution. I’m going to try and comeback and tidy it up when I have a chance. As for the character himself, I love superhuman martial artists and while there are a few in both DC and Marvel’s line-up we see too little of them for my liking. I also like the fact that Mandarin’s “official” (assuming they havent been retconned again while I’m writing this) origin story is very close to that of a certain caped crusader. Plus, the Mandarin, or Jade Dragon is just a cool character.

Edit:22/03 Redid the rings so they fit better than the standard Marvel-616 Mandarin rings.

Phantom Draft 1: Mark Hawkins (Mr Marvel)

Not really heart-broken about losing the chance to pick this guy as I’m not sure if I even knew he existed.

Phantom Draft 2: Kletus Cassidy (Carnage)

Another character I’m not heart-broken to loose. Even as I kid I thought Carnage was a bit naff.

Phantom Draft 3:Daniel Brito (Fancy Dan)

Oh noes my favourite Enforcer! God I hate the Enforcers.

Phantom Draft 4:Boris Bullski (Titanium Man)

I didnt have anything planned for this guy. But I do like Titatnium Man, one of Iron Man’s less retarded villains.

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