Super shallow summary of my time with the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster

I downloaded the test version of Marvel Heroes 2015 so that I could try out some members of the roster that I was consdiering coughing up my hard earned (hah) money for. I ended up trying out every single member of the roster. Most of them were low level (the game clones your main account where I only have a handful) so admittedly you dont get a great feel for how they play, but this was more about seeing how they look, sound, animate, etc. So here are my super shallow impressions: Continue reading…

Thoughts on DLC (and how DLC+Dynasty Warriors 8=head wrecked)

To be honest I dont know why this is irritating me as much as it is, but its like a constant mental itch that I just cant scratch. So writing this is me trying to scratch it. First a little background, I am generally a big fan of DLC. As long as its not transparently exploitative or bullshit “horse armour” rubbish then why wouldnt I want more content and options for a game I enjoy? So I will generlly buy DLC for games I enjoy. However these days I normally only play through a game once (there are some noteable exceptions like the Souls games) so if I know theres a lot of DLC coming I have two choices – play the game now and then try and get another play through when all the DLC is available or put off playing the game until all the DLC is out. Both of these approaches have their downfalls, which I have fallen prey to. Continue reading…

30 Days of (space black) Night – Week 04 – Knocking on Tannhausers Gate

Wherein the reader is illuminated and amused by details of my fourth (and possibly last *gasp*) week back with EVE Online, or told how I played too much Diablo 3 and ignored EVE. Continue reading…

30 Days of (space black) Night – Week 03 – Massaging the shoulder of Orion

Wherein the reader is illuminated and amused by details of my third week back with EVE Online, specifically a tale of one man’s battle to free ore from giant space rocks. Continue reading…

30 Days of (space black) Night – Week 02 – C-beams in the dark

Wherein I detail the second week of my return to EVE Online; where I abandon the questionable glory of blowing the shit out of NPC pirates for the gold rush dreams of big mining! Continue reading…

30 Days of (space black) Night – Week 01 – Return to New Eden

Around this time a year ago my initial foray into the world of EVE Online ended, and at the risk of using an already over-used phrase, not with a bang but with a whimper (you can check out my glorious progress here – Part 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, Interlude 1, 06). Well actually to be accurate it ended with dis-interest. But a spare code for a months worth of game time and the lure of my characters name on a statue lured me back in. I initially wasnt planning to play at all, I didnt even have the game installed but I figured I might as well give it a go, even casually. So now I’ve 30 days to re-visit the world of, quite possibly, the most notorious MMO out there. How will I get on? Continue reading…

How to get up and running with Phantasy Star Online 2 in 15 easy steps

The fan translation efforts have really simplified the process. So basically here’s what you need to do.

1. Go to ARKS Layer and download the english installer here. It’s about 16GB (I have it on USB if anyone near me wants to just copy it)

2. While you’re at it use the torrent here to download the story patch (~2GB’s). Also download the tweaker which you will be using as an alternate launcher.

3. While its downloading you will need to set yourself up with a SEGA ID. There’s a step by step guide on how to do that here. I’d suggest doing it in Chrome because its automatic language translation seems to work better than Firefox and because you can use this handy extension.

4. Once you have your account setup and the game downloaded install the game. It takes up about 20GB so somewhere with a fair amount of space. Do not launch the game when the installer ask you to.

5. Copy the tweaker to your install directory (you dont need to do this but it makes things tidier) and launch it. If any dialogs pop up just keep hitting No for the moment.

6. First things first, click on the orb in the top left corner of the tweaker and chose “Select pso2_bin folder” and make sure its pointing to the right place.

7. Click on the orb again and select “Check for PSO2 updates”, if there are any the tweaker will download and install them. It’ll also check all the files to make sure theyre up to date which can take a little while. Every time the main game updates you need to re-apply all the patches which is why you do this first.

8. Click the orb, click “Install/Update Patches”, select English Patch. It will ask do you want to use a locally downloaded file. Select No, it will download and install the patch (its about 7 MB’s)

9. Click the orb, click “Install/Update Patches”, select English Large Files. It will ask do you want to use a locally downloaded file. Select No, it will download and install the patch (its about 70 MB’s)

10. Click the orb, click “Install/Update Patches”, select English Story Patch. It will ask do you want to use a locally downloaded file. Select Yes, direct it to the story patch you downloaded earlier and let it do its stuff. When its done it will likely say theres an update to the story patch. Let it download and intall that (its usually fairly small).

11. You are now read to rock and can hit “Launch PSO2″. Though first I’d suggest hitting “Remove Censor File” and hitting apply selected changes (dont get excited its just for chat). You may run into some issues with the games GameGuard software. I found turning off my antivirus software and using the tweakers (Orb->Troubleshooting->Fix Gameguard) option fixed the issue. Once you launch the game you can exit, turn back on your antivirus and re-launch.

12. Once in the game follow the instructions to login and create your character. The official unofficial English Ship(Server) is Ship02:UR (and within that Block 20).
13. You can only have one character per account (you can buy more slots with real money). So have a play around with the characer creator. You swap class at will so you dont really need to worry about that. You can save characters youve created and then exit the character creator go back in and reload them.

14. When creating your character it will ask do you have a friend code, a friend code gives both the referrer and the referee a reward every ten levels, as such you should totally use my friend code – 10538519

15. After that you can get playing, I’d recommend a controller as I think it fits the game better but unsurprisingly mouse and keyboard is probably the “superior” option. Oh and let me know so we can team up and I can finally do some of the group missions properly.

Essential Links

As I mentioned above while the English patches translate a fair bit theres still a good amount they dont. For most things googling “pso2 [what I want to find here]” has worked well for me but there are some sites that you will end up going to again and again: – Best place to keep up to date with PSO2 news and their range of Guides is extensive.

Cirnopedia – English language wiki with item/quest translations

Banjo’s Mag guide – Everything you want to know about Mags

PSO World Forums guide section – Great amount of guides and what seems to be the most active PSO2 english forum. I’d recommend checking out the Official Build Thread it covers the pros and cons of all the races and classes and offers sample builds. I’d actually suggest skimming the race and gender stuff before you lock down your character.

PSO 2 Reddit – What you’d expect

PSO2 Keyboard controls – A list of the default keyboard mappings.

Brief thoughts on John Woo’s Stranglehold

Bought this on launch, got half way through it and then got distracted. Decided to finally get it out of the way today. It is ultimately mediocre but holy hell did it give me the horn for some classic 90′s John Woo. It also earns its mediocre status in an odd way, its not as if its simply dull its that some bits are great and some bits are terrible and it all even outs to being ok. Continue reading…

Brief thoughts on Devil Survivor Overclocked

After playing a bit on the DS I started this a week or two ago and finished the game yesterday, took about forty hours for my first playthrough (Noya’s route including the 8th day), I thought it had solid gameplay and that by and large the story was ok (though it suffered from that odd SMT issue where characters react to the apocalyptic circumstances with offputting calm – I love the athmosphere of most SMT games but the characterisation is often lacking). I ran through it again on the Amane route, which I think worked sort of better than Noya’s. After that the rot set in, carrying over demons makes subsequent NG+ run throughs a meaningless cakewalk (Garuda with Multi-strike largely breaks the game it seems) and very little changes between the routes (the first NG+ is good because theres optional missions and you can do a few option flags you might have missed). I ground out the rest of the routes but to be honest I wish I hadnt as it was an exercise in tedium, even skipping text it still takes 5-7 hours per run for maybe 30 minutes worth of new content. They really could have streamlined this I feel. Still, an enjoyable enough game.

Time to complete: 90 hours 38 minutes
Completed: 17/02/14

The Woeful 108 – Another year of sin

Back over here I covered how my 108 initiative fared over the last quarter of 2013 and took a brief look at the year in total. Now that a new years here its time for a new list. There’s a lot of great new games coming out this year but I want to be a lot stricter with purchases than last year (and I’m sure unemployment will do its best to help me with that). I’m also going to make use of the lessons learned in 2013 (in short unless you are literally going to play it right away buying games Day 1 is for suckers – more or less everything goes on sale) Continue reading…