Mick’s Mighty Mutated Marvel Draft – Origins Part 2

Esteban Corazón de Ablo was born on May 1st 1500 AD. He lost his parents to disease at an early age. Despite being nobles, living in the lands outside the city of Zaragoza in the kingdom of Aragon, modern medicine was simply unable to cure their condition. Left to the care of his uncle Pedro Esteban spent his youth learning both the skills required of a noble and everything he could find about medicine. Esteban planned to become a doctor in order to try and save people from the same fate as his parents. Leaving his home in Zaragoza Esteban traveled to Switzerland to study in the famous University of Basel. It was here that a young Esteban met the eccentric and somewhat infamous Paracelsus. Esteban’s quick wit soon caught the attention of Paracelsus and a friendship quickly formed between the two young men. Continue reading…

Mick’s Mighty Mutated Marvel Draft – Origins

Well a whopping total of zero people were interested in this. I HATE YOU ALL! Perhaps because my previous post wasnt entirely clear. Oh well, I think I’ll forge ahead and give it a go myself. Unfortunately a one man draft lacks the questionable excitement of having your potential picks nabbed before you get to them. In order to try and emulate that I’m going to add four “phantom” draftee’s. Basically I’ll be going to the Marvel wiki after I make my own picks and using the random function to make four random picks. I’ll be going for one pick a day. Day’s 1-7 will be hero picks, Day 8 team names, Day 9 villain pick, Day 10, “Wildcard” picks. Then I’ll throw together a summary of my first “six issue” story arc.
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