EVE and I – Part 06 – Can you hear me, major Tom?

Well its been two days since my last post on EVE. In that time I’ve done some more mining and finally got around to trying out missions. I’ve also completed my goal of securing a +3 version of the basic attribute implant for four out of five stats.

So way back here I was mining with my Venture until its ore hold was full and then flying back to the nearest station to empty my hold before setting out to do the same again. When I’d enough ore to fill my Bestower I’d jump to the star system with the highest buy price for the ore I was selling (assuming it was withing 8-9 jumps of my mining homebase). That was earning me a little over 2 million ISK per hour. A figure I was not particularly enthused with and wanted to increase. I chose to do so in two ways, firstly by increasing my mining skill and upgrading my mining lasers – allowing me to mine more ore more quickly. I also invested in purchasing some giant secure containers (detailed here).

2012. At the end of the last post I was wondering where I should choose to sell my ore. I choose to sell it at a station two jumps over for ~260/ore. Which wasnt the best I could get but was a nice bump up from the station I was in. I got just over 3 million ISK. So again, a little over 2 million ISK per hour. That was a bit disappointing considering the amount of effort I’d put into upgrading my mining and hauling. I then realised that because my hauler was such a slow piece of shit that simply going out, unanchoring the GSC’s, selling the stuff and then reanchoring them, was easily losing me fifteen to twenty minutes a run/ Which was when I realised that I needed two set’s of GSC’s, one set I’d leave permanently moored in space and the other set I’d leave open in the cargo hold of my Bestower (each GSC takes up 3000m3 but stores 3900m3) essentially creating four “sub-holds”.

2012. This meant that I’d go out in my Venture, mine until I had filled all four moored GSC’s and my ore hold. Head back to the station, dump out my ore, change over to my Bestower and then head back out to the moored GSC’s. Once there I’d transfer the contents from the GSC in space to the GSC in my hold. Then it was off to the market. After selling at a slight markup (2 jumps away as mentioned above) I still wasnt happy with my time:profit ratio. I decided that, while closer, the buy orders two jumps away just werent enough. So, using EVE-central, I shopped around and decided to travel further afield in order to get a better price for my ore.

Editors note: At this point Christmas interrupted my EVE plans and as I briefly detailed here my ship got blown the fuck up. I never really got back into EVE and let my subscription lapse. As its been over a year since then I cant remember exactly how I intended to finish this post so I’ll leave you with the screenshots and barebone outline I wrote at the time.

2012. implant memory

2012. switched corcer, agents, mission

2012. level 2 mision very lucrative

2012. suprirsed, lots of enemies, not really sure on tanking, short range on guns

2012. loyalty points, swag

2012. sunday, continuing with missions, timing them, how much in an hour

2012. redonk amount of enemies very annoying range issues, redoing ship

2012. checking system out for asteroid belts, fucker super mining

2012. back to mining, other guys, ignore them, get on it

2012. 7 jumps, how much per hour, all implants, back to missions, upgrade guns, jita

2012. handy hints and tips eft, aura, neocom future plans?

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