(Tardy) Return of the King

A month or so ago, way over here I posted a plan for upcoming content. As the old saying goes, man plans – god laughs (cause he’s a sick fuck apparently). Work finished a day or two before Christmas, which was total shit. So I decided that fuck it, I was just going to take some time completely off, from everything (in the later stages this frequently involved thinking and consciousness). Which is exactly what I did. I’m back in work today, but sill havent actually slept so being back to work doesnt feel real (this may not be entirely because of lack of sleep). What does this mean for you humble reader? Well it means everything I planned has been pushed back the guts of a month. I dont know if I’ll have a job for much longer as my contract runs out at some point this month (seriously dont actually know when which is terrible) which may occupy some of my time. So perhaps dont expect anything before February.

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