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Slipped up, meant to post this last night to retain my “at least one post per week” rule but ended up going to bed earlier (well later but earlier) than planned and totally forgot. What I need to do is queue up a “buffer” post at the beginning of each week to be posted automatically on Sunday if I forget. Oh well. Going to back date this bad boy, wrote it yesterday just forgot to post it, so it counts, right? Right?….Dont look at me like that

So, not a lot to talk about this week. Was busy making, monitoring and marking exams in Work and at home I was relaxing after a fairly intense fortnight of churning out my Nanowrimo novel. I decided to give myself a full week totally away from it. Which means this week I want to jump back on it, I have at least another 10K or so words to go to finish off some sections I skipped in favour of writing “easier” ones. I think I might still try and shoot for 5K words a day, or maybe a minimum of 3K. I want to keep my output high. I came across this blog post – “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day” and, while I havent been able to put it all into practice (and my best so far is ~9K/day), it has some pretty good advice. I particularly like the bit about not writing scenes you find boring. Which is one rule I tried to stick to, because she’s so right, if you find a scene boring how can you expect your readers to do otherwise?

I’m looking forward to finishing up work in two weeks. Lecturing has been an interesting experience and I hope that they renew my contract (up in January) for the coming semester. I think I’ve a better idea now of the mistakes I made and how I can avoid/correct them going forward.

Nanowrimo sort of sidetracked my game development plans a bit. But I’ve always wanted to write a novel so I want to see this to completion before moving on. Which means that I’m going to push back actual nitty gritty development to the new year (but will continue paper napkin developing throughout December). I wasnt going to bother with a game design document, largely because I see this as a one man project and so there isnt any need. But I’ve changed my mind on that, I think it’ll be a good exercise and I like the idea of having everything laid out. I also have some plans for upcoming blog posts. So in terms of what you can expect to see up here I’m hoping to stick to this “release schedule”:

28/12 – Post Nanowrimo Novel – By this stage the novel should be complete and have gone through at least another draft. I’ll post either the entire thing or a large representative section at that point.

07/01 – Best of 2012 – Games
14/01 – Best of 2012 – Manga
21/01 – Best of 2012 – Anime
28/01 – Best of 2012 – Best of the Rest
31/01 – Ave Imperator – Treatment
07/02 – Ave Imperator – Game Design Document
14/02 – Top 25 – Games 2000-2013
21/02 – Top 10 (now 25) awesome anime you should watch so I’ve someone to talk about them with (2000-2010)
01/03 – Top 10 (now 25) awesome anime you should watch so I’ve someone to talk about them with (2011+)
08/03 – Top 10 (now 25) awesome anime you should watch so I’ve someone to talk about them with (All Time)

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