Best of 2010 – Anime

Ok, so I totally fucking forgot about this, I’m posting it nearly a year late and even worse, I didnt even finish writing up my thoughts on each of the entrants. In the immortal words of Johnny Blaze, “What it is” Its odd. I feel like I’ve watched a lot more anime this year than I apparently have. I blame the summer months where a combination of depression and socialising savagely consumed time I could have spent keeping abreast of Japan’s animate cultural artifacts. I like to have a large selection to choose from for these kinds of article because it makes the obvious choices stand out more. When you have a smaller selection, the majority of which is fairly uniform in quality, it makes selection a pain in the arse. Read More

(Planned) December Viewing – Anime Edition

While I was banging through the shows at the beginning of the month my re-subscription to World of Warcraft half way through November more or less fucked my viewing plans (and all other plans I had). So I didnt mange to get through a lot of the stuff from the last entry. God I wish I could say it was because I was busy with Nanowrimo as opposed to World of Warcraft, but thats a topic for a different entry. Considering Cataclysm is out in less than forty eight hours I imagine this month will be even worse. Still some kind of plan is better than none at all. Continue reading…