Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 08 – Resuming Hostilities

Well it’s been six months since my last attempt at this. I think part’s six and seven made my distaste for what I was reading fairly clear and honestly in the normal course of things that would have been the end of it. But then Marvel SNAP launched globally and I got very into that (I’m cooling on it after a few months but that’s due to structural issues rather than the core gameplay). As did most of my brothers.

So we were talking about it and some of the, to us anyway, obscure characters featured in it. Then a month or two later Marvel’s Midnight Sun’s came out which I played for quite a while and enjoyed. The one of my brothers got a Marvel Unlimited subscription and was getting back into Marvel comics and telling me about them. So basically over the last three or four months there has been a constant influx of Marvel stuff daily which has broken down my wall of disdain for Avengers Disassembled and I am going to heroically stride once more into the breach of twenty year old comics.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 02 – Logistics is the ball and chain of comic book reading

Right so here we go. As I mentioned I’ll be starting my return to the Marvel comic universe with Spider-Man specifically The Amazing Spider-Man #546. This follows on from the controversial One More Day storyline which followed on from the controversial (or just plain shit) Civil War crossover event. That’s enough background, lets see how it turned out.

I’m not going to do an issue by issue breakdown. I’ll likely briefly summarise major events, react to stuff I liked and, of course, complain about stuff I did not. There will almost certainly be spoilers. Well lets get to it.

Or not.

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Mick vs The Marvel Universe – 01 – Shots fired

I wrote the first draft of this back in 2014 and then updated it in 2016. But both times I never actually followed through. Will I this time? Who knows. I will at least post it this time at least.

I havent read American comics in quite some time. Specifically since March 2011, so eleven years. But recent reading around comics as well as someone asking me for recommendations on what Marvel comics to read has got me interested in diving back into them.

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