Top 25 (recent) Anime for people who dont watch anime

What’s this all about then? Well this is some suggested viewing for people who are only passingly familiar with anime in general or with anime thats come out in the last few years. If the last time you watched some anime it was prefaced by this:

or the words “Studio Ghibli” then this list is for you. If you think all anime is shallow super powered adventures aimed at teenage boys or heaving tits and demon penises, then this list is for you. I’ve tried to cover as many of the major genre’s as I could (so now you have no fucking excuse for referring to anime as if its a genre rather than a medium ;)) without a) sacrificng quality or b) sacrificing accessibility. So the majority of shows listed here require no prior knowledge of or familiarity with anime or japanese culture in general to fully enjoy. If you do end up checking any of them out let me know what you think. Continue reading…

Best of 2010 – Anime

Ok, so I totally fucking forgot about this, I’m posting it nearly a year late and even worse, I didnt even finish writing up my thoughts on each of the entrants. In the immortal words of Johnny Blaze, “What it is” Its odd. I feel like I’ve watched a lot more anime this year than I apparently have. I blame the summer months where a combination of depression and socialising savagely consumed time I could have spent keeping abreast of Japan’s animate cultural artifacts. I like to have a large selection to choose from for these kinds of article because it makes the obvious choices stand out more. When you have a smaller selection, the majority of which is fairly uniform in quality, it makes selection a pain in the arse. Read More

(Planned) November Viewing – Anime Edition

Almost exactly a month ago I posted an entry outlining my planned viewing for October, followed a few days later by an update.. Im planning to do the same thing for November. Though hopefully I’ll get everything correct in this first post so I wont need the update. First I’ll outline what can be crossed off the old list and what “off-road” viewing I engaged in before moving on to a look at whats on the card for the next thirty days. As Im planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month I dont think I’ll get quite as much watched this month. But we shall see what transpires. Continue reading…