Things the internet did while I was offline – lots of links edition

Was going to compile these links into a short week in review style thing to make up for my cruel absence, but frankly I couldnt be arsed (and I prefer to leave my blog an empty shrine to apathy), so instead Im going to make one gigantic Facebook update, onwards:

– David House’s notes to the grand jury are a bit special, guy must have balls of steel –

Deadpool game announced – the trailer shows fun gameplay, dialogue which is strongly reminiscent of the comic and possibly the worst voice acting in the world –

Hitmonkey game announced for next year,, nothing at the website at the moment but theres an announcement banner image floating around. Could be amusing but to be honest Hitmonkey was good as a one off joke, not much mileage in the miniseries

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 continues its relentless drive to include more content than all other fighting games combined – free costume DLC consisting of 150 swimsuits for the entire cast (men, raptors, bears and robots included) has been announced, also this saucy trailer of real ladies dressing up –

Trailer for the new Resident Evil animated movie looks cool (and has Ada at the end, sweet), I enjoyed the fan pandering cheese fest that was the first one –

Images of the new model PS3’s leaked, it looks like a toaster fucked a breadbin –

I was only keeping an eye on Sleeping Dogs (aka True Crime Hong Kong) because Adam kept going on about how good the series was but this “Sleeping Dogs 101” makes it look pretty fucking sweet – (Narrators voice is annoying, could she sound more bored?)

The first game in every new Naughty Dog series is always awesome and The Last of Us doesnt seem set to change that trend – My only fear is that it will ride the standard post-apocalyptic trope of “man is the greatest enemy”, holy shit am I bored of that. Also, when are they coming out with a Rings of Power sequel? I still have it for my MegaDrive

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Opening Cinematic, this is seven minutes long but looks fucking awesome – the redone animation in tandem with the very well done HD upgrade makes it look great – Though it does whang of Kojima’s usual (immensely enjoyable) madness

Speaking of Kojima, Metal Gear Solid 5 announcement details either leaked or faked –

On the off chance you have been living under a rock for the last week or so, the current new technology darling – the Ouya –

In kickstarter news it seems Penny Arcades (in my eyes) morally questionable Kickstarter has been funded –

A very handy tool for cutting down the size of your overall steam install –

New Borderlands 2 trailer, in case you missed it or were insane and needed more selling on it –

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been announced for an english release in early 2013, that is good because the game is quite enjoyable and has a good free to play implementation. You can try out the Japanese version at the moment – , its almost worth it for the amazingly awesome character creator, it is definitely the best MMO character creator Ive ever used and easily rivals offline character creators from games such as Skyrim etc.

Darksiders II gameplay footage – I am really looking forward to this, love Joe Mad’s designwork – even if the fucker never finished Battle Chasers. Each of the four areas in the game is supposed to be as big as the entirety of Darksiders, this games is going to be a monster

Capcom announces Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD, a fighting game rented once for the PS1 IIRC and had no fucking idea what was going on. Its a tad pricey (15 of your human euros), which is offputting. I was also largely ignorant of the madness that is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. But I’ve been delving into it over the last month or so and once you get over the initial weirdness its very addictive Also as I mentioned before CyberConnect are doing a current gen JoJo’s game – (trailers worth watching just for the pen stuff, rivals the awesome note writing bits from Death Note)

Oh and the ingame announcement trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s swimsuits has just gone up – I of course hope it enables me to recreate the greatest Tekken 5 ending –

Well I think thats more or less everything, now back to college work/fighting the Steam Summer sale

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