Rambling man

Found a funded PhD which involves creating a “Web 2.0” interactive ontological database of egyptian demons from the middle kingdom period. Greatest three years ever? Sadly I am a poor egyptologist and cant read either german or french. I feel so oppressed. Maybe I should write a book about it – which reminds me, on the way home from today’s shitty interview my taxi driver first showed the manuscript for the book he wrote and then told me the entire fucking plot. It involved a homeless man, a dog he found and a bizarre segue into something involving 1920’s gangsters. Even insane old taximen are doing better than me. Weirdly whiny today, I blame it on my mental menses, a third eye has opened and its weeping blood. “The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity”, I’m sure rough beasts are slouching hither and yon to be born. Fucking Yeats, maybe thats what I need to do, join a hermetic order. Or spend my remaining money on building an eight sided shack surrouned by purified river sand so I can conduct the rites of Abramelin (which strikes me is an anagram of “Baa Merlin”). But, instead, I think I’m going to have a ham sandwich (unbuttered, as God intended) and a glass of coke. It seems like less effort and time (which in fairness wouldnt be hard, the initial purification period of the rite of Abramelin takes eighteen fucking months – unless you’re rocking the Mathers version – but who would follow the word of a crazed scotsman so unlikeable he was ejected from more or less every occult society he joined?). This actually reminds me of one time in, I want to say fifth year, where a friend of mine wanted to try and summon a demon using some of your standard hermetic ceremonial magic in order to see some girls breasts. In the end no demon was summoned, he stole a Steve Earle cd on me (with an excellent live version of Steve Earle and The Pogues singing Johnny Come Lately) and I later saw the girl topless, she wore extremely padded bra’s it turned out. Which is likely a metapor or allegory or somesuch.

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