RPG Blues

Hmm blog software seems to have gone a bit wonky. Ive re-installed it from a backup and so far it seems to be running ok. But if you notice it fucking up please let me know.

Its been almost a year since I last ran or played in an rpg. And for some reason I just cant seem to get myself interested in playing/running on again. On one level I really want to and random ideas for games to run keep getting kicked around the old noggin; but on another level none of these ideas never seem to go anywhere. And all for the same reason, lack of enthusiasm. When I come up with the idea I think its cool but then the amount of hassle involved in getting it into even a semi-playable form just kills my interest. I suppose I wouldnt mind playing in a game, even one of the more “modern” games which require a larger amount of player input.

I suppose the one upside to this is that its radically reduced my expenditure on rpg products, which is a good thing as so many of them end up just taking up shelf space. Eclipse Phase is the only game Ive purchased this year and for the rest of the year Im only planning to pick up Legends of Anglerrer (PDF Only), Tenra Bansha Zero, Darksun Campaign book and (if its out) Deathwatch. Ha, in the time Ive written these two paragraphs my interest has swung from “Couldnt be arsed” back to “I want to run something”. At the moment I’d like to run either:

– Eclipse Phase: Transhumanist sci-fi, seems like a really cool setting but a pain in the cock to communicate to prospective players.

– Iron Kingdoms: Steampunk fantasy via FATE

– Argent: Secret agent/special investigator drama, again via FATE. I like the concept of this but have no idea how to run it.

Oh well I might throw together a three session “One-off” and see how it goes. I could probably run stuff for the entire year in one offs purely by using books I havent read yet. Sad really.

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