Micro Mickisms

Hmm, even at one entry (ooh er matron) a week Ive been slowly failing to keep my updates regular. This is almost certainly due to how messy my room is and Samsungs poor customer service. The latter left me without a monitor for a month and a half which means I moved my computing to my television. But its hard to type for long periods of time with ones keyboard balanced precariously on ones lap. By the time my monitor was fixed/replaced I’d become used to my new setup and the messiness of my room denies me easy access to my traditional computing setup. Hence the lack of productivity, its certainly not because Im a lazy shit.

Ha, ha, behold my awesome act of misdirection. Theres actually nothing here! Ive come up with a cunning new plan, look forward to it, or dont. I dont care! (ooh how edgy)

Listening to: The Felice Brothers - The Big Surprise

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