What anime’s worth watching on Netflix

If you’re looking for streaming anime I’d suggest Cruncyroll, even the free subscription has a fairly solid selection. There’s also Neon Alley which has a solid selection. Both of these also have simulcast stuff from the current season of anime in Japan. (Of course what I actually recommend is tweaking your media player setup to a ridiculously anal level and then only watching 1080p 10bit BD re-encodes). But for those of you who already have a Netflix subscription and want to know what to watch here is my (super brief) opinion on the anime available.

Well not all the anime, just the stuff thats worth watching first. This is I think based on the american Netflix. Bullshit that you cant browse without signing up first. But thanks to the free trial and what I think is a working vpn I got signed in.

These are listed more or less in order from “You should be watching this now” to “Give it a go if you get the chance”. They just have a brief line or two description, though several of them get mentioned in these posts. If its not listed then a) I dont think its worth watching, b) I assume youve seen it (e.g. Trigun, Vandread) or c) I missed it.

Edit: Turned off my VPN to check out the selection of Anime on the european Netflix, while the amount is fucking laughable (16, really?) the overall quality is arguably superior to the American Netflix, it also has numerous shows that arent available on the american one. So clearly the best thing to do is to use a VPN or such to move between the two. So I’ve added them in below

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple – This is basically every cool training scene from stuff like Drunken Master, Snake in Eagles Shadow, etc. made into a series. Lots of great martial arts action and training montages (you may not love this as much if you are sick in the brain and dont like martial arts training stuff like I do)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – One of the most complete and intriguing portrayals of a near future cyberpunk world. The series takes its time to explore the world and the ramifications of rampant cybernetics on both the invidual and society at large. The series also includes a great mix of action, drama and police procedural stuff. If you are in anyway interested in the cyberpunk genre you should watch this (Euro Only)

Darker than BLACK – Watch it. Its great. A mixture of cold war spy action and x-men-esque super powers where each use of said power demands its own bizarre sacrifice. A great dark action/mystery series.

Mushi-Shi – One of the more beautiful and hauntingly ethereal pieces of entertainment out there. Very mellow but very much worth watching

Soul Eater – Very stylish and very weird supernatural action series. Visually its a treat and the setting and story are pretty cool as well.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – A much more faithful adaptation of the manga and one of the best shonen adventure series out there

Strait Jacket – A short (three episode) OVA which features an awesome mixture of magic and science, well more correctly magic as science. Personally a big part of the appeal of fiction is been given a view into another world and this world is an extremely interesting one (Euro Only)

Highschool of the Dead – Heavy on action, gore and fan service. A very genre savvy zombie survial piece (I fucking hate zombie stuff these days and I still really enjoyed this)

Black Butler – A spooky episodic series set in victorian London that combines black humour and supernatural mystery to good effect

Dance in the Vampire Bund – Really good modern supernatural action. Very often feels a lot like “World of Darkness: The Anime”

Redline – Anime cannonball run in space turned all the way up to 11. Perfectly captures the crazy kinetic visual energy that initially attracted me to anime back in the nineties. (Euro Only)

Eureka 7 – A great mixture of crazy mecha action and convincing characterisation. The series skillfully explores some interesting issues such as being a child solider and such (Euro Only)

DesertPunk – Great post apocalyptic action. The main character is an absolute cunt but very entertaining

Squid Girl – Mostly hilarious, occasionally touching, one of the best absurdist comedy series in recent years

Last Exile – Really great action adventure in a cool world. Also airships. Also airships that fight using napoleonic rules of engagement. Did I mention the airships?

Baka&Test – I really enjoyed this, love the setup and its fairly solid comedy with some romance mixed in

The Guyver Bioboosted Armour – A newer and more faithful adaptation of the original manga that spawned the mid-nineties OVA series. Great action and sweet, sweet super powered armour (Euro Only)

xxxHolic – Weird supernatural tales set in the modern world. I really like it but it may be an acquired taste.

Black Blood Brothers – This is just a really great action series. Some of the cooler supernatural fighting I’ve seen. If you want to see superpowered vampires kicking the shit out of one another (and why wouldnt you?) then give this a go

Eden of The East – Topical modern mystery with an interesting setup that you probably shouldnt look too hard at

Chobits – A bit old now but a generally upbeat, occasionally melancholy romantic comedy

Samurai 7 – A great sci-fi adaptation of the classic film. Starts rather slow though.

Xam’d – This looks like your typical mecha series but its actually surprisingly (offputtingly?) serious and explores some interesting issues. I’m not gonna lie though, I’d suggest not watching it simply for the way it ends. Oh the rage.

Guin Saga – Based on one of the longest running fantasy series in the world. Pretty cool. Though Ive tried to finish it twice and always get distracted at some point (which probaly isnt a great recommendation)

Basilisk – Very heavily reminiscent of the Ninja Scroll’s movie, its often off-kilter pacing and relentless tragedy can make it tedious viewing at times

Trinity Blood – Very reminiscent of Vampire Hunter D. I love the setting and the characters and action are great. Unfortuanately its based on a long light novel series so nothing gets resolved in anyway.

Sekirei – Feels a lot like pokemon if the pokemon themselves were big breasted women with superpowers. Nothing revelutionary but solidly entertaining

Angel Beats – Awesome premise, great start, sort of goes weird/shit towards the end

Le Chevalier D’Eon – Feels sort of like a transgender supernatural version of the original three musketeers book. I loved the idea of it but the reality wasnt as impressive.

Kaze no Stigma – Cool world, characters and powers. Sadly based on a much longer set of novels so it ends infuriatingly in the middle of things

Chrome Shelled Regios – Intersting post-apocalytpic setting, some really cool special abilities/powers, solid but by the numbers plot development

Blood+ – Decent but far too long and often boring

Witchblade – Rather meh action series, some really nice looking fights but the fan service sort of ruins it

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