Summer Lovin

This is more or less the first week of my “summer holidays” (well more of a break while exams are on). So my plan for this week was to do nothing at all other than what I felt like (for those wits wondering what the difference is…shit theres no emoticon for giving someone the fingers). Which is going quite well. But my “at least one post a week” initiative has been working quite well for the last month or so, so I thought I’d throw up my tentative summer plans. I’d written a (hilariously) amusing line about what you can do when I inevitably fail. But fuck it. Maybe framing my endeavours like that isnt helping. So I’m going to keep it upbeat (Eye of the Tiger will be playing during the film version of this). Here is what I WILL get done this summer.


-> Finish Head First C# and The Programmers Guide to C# (June)
-> Get an alpha of Ave Imperator up and running (July & August)


-> From June 1st – August 31st write 1000 words a day (or 7000 a week if something unavoidable comes up)

Personal Life

-> Loose a minimum of 2 lbs a week from now until September (and hopefully after that as well)
-> Find a job (This isnt something I want to do but sadly need to do, hopefully my current contract gets renewed because I quite like working in the School of Business and with the Springboard Initiative. But I need money and as always I lamanet that that means finding a job).

I dont think these goals are impossible. To be honest, I think even objectively, I could achieve them easily enough. I’ve done so in the past. Its just a question of motivation. I cant really see my generally nihilistic outlook changing but I do want to just well, “put it over there”, I dont need to discard it I just dont want to be held down by it.

Vent your spleen

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