Mick vs The 66 – Trench Warfare

Well after the initial blitz that started the campaign all momentum has been lost and we’ve entered a war of attrition between the plan and my laziness. The last weekend in June saw some movement with the Rashomon offensive. But a few short stories weren’t enough to change the layout of the front. The beginning of July saw a change in tactics, but even Bad Company couldn’t make it across a no mans land littered with the broken remains of wasted days. I fear that The Name of the Wind will be going home in a box.

It’s probably not a coincidence that this slump in the war followed shortly on the heels of the Internet getting connected. Ah World of Warcraft, the new millenniums opiate of the masses. I think once I get Kingslayer I’ll let my subscription lapse until Cataclysm.

Listening to: The shitty radio

Vent your spleen

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