Brief thoughts on The Last of Us

Finished The Last of Us earlier on, my post game reverie was interrupted by having to dump a fridge (literally, not slang for a heroic bowel movement). So I’ll need to think on it further. But as it stands the ending of the game surprised me, not in a “PLOT TWIST” kind of way but more in “Oh, they actually went with that?” way. The storytelling overall was great, while the bones of the plot might not be fresh the characters and characterisation really sold it. After been unable to get into TWD, this felt like it effortlessly achieved and surpassed what that game was trying for. The story itself is perfectly suited to the world presented in the game, and the world presented is also pretty amazing. Sometimes I’d just stop and spin the camera around because the world just looked amazing. The gameplay, both stealth and combat, were tough but enjoyable. While I died a good few times it never felt cheap and it never felt like something I couldnt surpass. I’d love to see more stuff set in this world, whether its starring the same characters or not. Its probably the most believeable post apocalyptic world I’ve seen in a game. The games only shortcomings were entirely technical, while it was lovely looking (and probably the nicest looking game on the PS3) it was clearly held back in places due to lack of processing power/ram/etc. I’d love to see a “HD+” version on the PS4 or PC. The game has a “listen mode” which basically lets you look through walls, I turned it off from the beginning (which I’d recommend). But the game lacks a button to see around corners, so sometimes you can end up dicking with the camera just to see whats going on. The pacing was generally excellent, I found the game extremely hard to stop playing. There was one short sequence towards the beginning (about 2 hours in) that I did find a little tedious. But it was short and if the rest of the game wasnt so good I wouldnt even mention it. It’s easily the best game I’ve played this year. Looking forward to giving the multiplayer and NewGame+ a go.

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