Best of 2013 – Half way there

I like Top X lists, I like reading them, I like arguing about them, what I dont like is writing them. Because it’s always a slog (and one which I just wasnt up to last year, I know you’re devastated dear reader – but I decided to post the semi-complete version I’ve had knocking around as a draft for months, its here). Maybe its because I always leave it to the end of the year and trying to recall stuff that I might have played/read/watched twelve months ago doesnt help. So I decided this year things would be different. I’d do one mid-year, another at the end of the year and then (perhaps) a final master list in the new year. Those who can work a calendar will be aware that we are a month past the halfway point. So (as always it seems) this is a little late. And a little short. But brevity is the soul of wit.


The Last of Us
Dark Souls Prepare to DIe
Atelier Rorona
Fire Emblem Awakening


I should just cut and paste the same opening paragraph I seem to end up using everytime I try and compile a Top X list of what manga I’ve been reading. Even though I was working this year I still managed to get through a prodigious amount of manga (too much if I’m being honest, as if admitting that ever changes it). So as always its tough to pick out those that I enjoyed the most

Last Inning
Akame ga Kill
Assassination Classroom
Vinland Saga
Onepunch Man


Psycho Pass
Maoyu Maou Yuusha
Girls Und Panzer
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Vent your spleen

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