The Woeful 108 – Imminent Collapse

I outlined my plan to deal with my backlog here and then I updated it here. There’s another update being typed up in the wings but I happened to look at upcoming releases and I cant help but feel that my will will be tested (and I’m sure regular readers will be aware how well that turns out).

The ones in blue are the ones I’ve already pre-ordered, red are the ones I’ll almost certainly be unable to resist, the rest are the ones I’m interested in but can probably hold out on till a sale. Looks like its going to be a good few months for games (I’ve also left out some big releases I just dont really care about but might try e.g. GTAV, AC IV, etc.)

06/08 PC Divinity: Dragon Commander
06/08 PS3 Dragon’s Crown
06/08 PS3 Tales of Xilla
13/08 PC Europa Universalis IV
15/08 PC Space Hulk
20/08 PC Saints Row IV
27/08 PC Final Fantasy XIV
27/08 PS3 Killer is Dead
30/08 PS3 One Piece Pirate Warriors 2
03/09 PC Total War: Rome II
03/09 VITA Atelier Meruru Plus
10/09 VITA Killzone: Mercenary
24/09 VITA Ys: Memories of Celceta
08/10 PS3 Disgaea D2
12/10 3DS Pokemon XY
05/11 PS3 The Guided Fate Paradox
19/11 PC Watch Dogs

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