I forgot to mention it in my last post but I read my first American comic in literally years. The recent IDW re-issue of the classic Star Slammers. I first came across Star Slammers in one of those compilation magazines Marvel UK used to put out, I don’t think it was Overkill which means it was the earlier one who’s name escapes me. Anyway, the relevant part of that memory is that I only ever read the first issue, which I really enjoyed but completely forgot about it until I came across the IDW re-issue last week (despite not reading American comics these days I like to keep up to date with the larger publishers, but I’d a year of unsorted shit to get through).

Star Slammers - Re-mastered! 001-005

It’s only eight issues long, two four issue stories, both of which are pretty enjoyable sci-fi action. While written in the 80’s they remind me more of classic 70’s sci-fi and I really enjoyed them. I love the visual design of the early Star Slammers in the first four issues, the touched up colours look lovely and the lines are nice and clean. The universe presented is actually pretty cool and if you didnt know better you could easily mistake it for a more modern title (which probably says more about either the cyclical nature or stagnation of the sci-fi genre). Anyhow, worth a read if you come across the collected trades. Now I can go back to the end of my wonderful thursday featuring failing hard-drives, wonky tablet connectivity and shorted header connections. Yay.

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