Man Vs Belly – Fatchelor Life 04 (I feed the sparrows too)

A mixed day today diet wise. Well that’s not really true. More a mixed day recipe wise. I was again rudely awaken before my alarm. This time by my sisters moronic dog doing its usual morning best to blow its lungs out (I can dream).

I failed to learn yesterdays lesson and again delayed breakfast in favour of oral hygiene. Breakfast again consisted of some more of that slow cooked oatmeal. I really enjoy the stuff and it makes for such a handy breakfast. I had planned to have lunch but time got away from me and I had to finish a little editing job that dragged on into the afternoon and so I decided to have an early dinner. But then when I got to the kitchen I decided to try out some of the recipes I put off from earlier in the week. First on the proverbial, actually on the literal, chopping block was a recipe for banana and oatmeal buns that I frankensteined from various sources. I used to mash the banana’s by hand but now I use my food processor because it mixes the ingredients better (and I feel I need to get my moneys worth out of it). I initially thought I’d gone overboard while adding the cinnamon but the final product was fine (to the point where I even could have added more). These were a success, I don’t really like “moist” muffins so I’ll probably do them for longer the next time. Still I’d count this as a success.

I followed this up by making some smoothie ice-pops. I was initially worried about there not being enough to fill the four molds but I over compensated and ended up with too much. It was also a bit of a chore to get them into the big freezer (which is so backed as to make survivalists think its over prepared). I’m hoping these turn out well but I cant say either way until tomorrow. Once those were out of the way I got on to the dinner proper. The meat course, due to my mis-reading of best before dates was chicken, I sliced it thin (well scissored it thin) and fried it up with this awesome dry teriyaki seasoning I picked up a while ago. Stuff is fucking delicious. Fired most of it into two toasted low fat bagels and left the rest for supper. Unfortunately the main, vegetable, portion of my dinner did not turn out so well.

The plan was to use the thick blade of the spiralizer on some sweet potato’s to turn them into something akin to “curly fries”. The first problem was that even the thick blade cut them too thin. The second problem was that a sweet potato does not really work, in terms of shape, with the spiralizer. I pulled out the mandolin and tried the julienne blade, but the sweet potatoes proved too tough. In the end I went back to the perennial favourite, sweet potato chips. Chop them into the right shape, toss with a little low-fat spray and a teaspoon of olive oil, bung on some seasoning and blast the fuck out of them in a high temperature oven. Love them. Just disappointed my plan didnt work out. I’d some strawberries in fat-free natural yogurt for dessert, lovely.

Supper was protein heavy ham and chicken sandwiches along with some fruit. I’m suffering the effects of that unwise dining choice as I type this. My experimentation for the week is more or less at an end until I re-supply on Saturday. Tomorrow I’ll be having pasta and mince with rogan josh for dinner and that’s about as exciting as it gets.

Todays photos are below. I disgusted myself earlier by misplacing my phone and having to use my tablet of all things to take two pictures. Feels so wrong. Didnt even kiss me on the mouth.

The ingredients for the banana and oat muffins.


The banana muffins post food processor and pre cooking


The finished product (which looks a lot like the individual portions of stuffing I started doing for Christmas dinner a few years ago, which can be a little offputting)


The ingredients for the smoothie icepops, I’m going to turn into a fucking banana. I’ve got so much potassium in me my brain should be on overdrive.


The smoothies mid mix (yeah that’s right, it’s on and I took off the lad, I do like to live on the edge where danger meets excitement)


My sweet potatoes minutes before disaster


The dinner I pulled from the ashes


And the dessert I washed it down with









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