Steam Autumn Sale 2015 – Mick’s Picks

Well the new Steam Sale is upon us and with it comes the new Steam sale format. No dailies or flash deals, all games have the biggest discount they’re going to get so you can be “done with it” on the first day. On the one hand you dont have to worry about missing anything. On the other it makes it more boring than the other sales. So I don’t clog up my feeds I’ve decided to list my recommendations here.

A word of warning as it were, the Winter sale will be in about a month so if you arent sure a game has hit a level of discount you’re happy with you could hold off until the Winter Sale in the hope of getting it cheaper. Similarly if you arent going to play the game in the next month you may wish to hold off till the Winter Sale. Of course there is the risk it wont be discounted at all come the Winter Sale. If that happens you may weep and send me sexually explicit complaints.

Some websites and tools you will want to use to make the most of your Steam or general sale experiences are – Adds in all the quality of life functions to the Steam webstore that Valve should have added years ago. – An excellent (honestly the best) sales aggregator out there. It’s best features are keeping track of historical low prices (which Enhanced Steam will show) and the waitlist (you set a price you want to buy a game at, if it ever hits that price it lets you know) – My curator page, which I really don’t update as often as I should (largely because I’ve played fuck all games recently)

Door Kickers – €3.79 –

The closest you’re going to get to a modern Rainbow 6. The game is great fun, it’s tough, has tons of content and missions can be consumed in “bite sized” pieces.

Elite Dangerous – €12.37 –

Looks absolutely stunning, while I think it made some missteps (always online go fuck yourself) it still has a lot of what made the old games so great. One word of caution, a big standalone expansion is coming out in a month or two which will include the base game in it so it might be cheaper to wait till then.

Grim Fandango Remastered – €3.74 –

It was a great game when it released originally and while the remaster doesnt change a lot it does give you the chance to play this great game if you missed it originally.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – €7.49 –

One of my top ten games of last year, what more do you need to know? This is the best shooter I’ve played in literally years. Good story, very solid gunplay, shooting Nazi’s, what more do you need?

Darkest Dungeon – €11.99 –

An absolutely amazing RPG which combines a stunning aesthetic with a fabulous mix of rogue like gameplay and a very interesting sanity mechanic. While it’s still in Early Access it has an immense of amount of content already there. If you think this looks in any way interesting I’d jump on it.

Endless Legend Collection – €20.39 –

You might want to start out with just the base game which is currently a tenner. Have to say I’ve enjoyed every game Amplitude have put out in the Endless series and Endless Legend is no exception. A solid fun turn based 4X game with lovely looking graphic’s and an interesting setting. The DLC are all solid and really add a lot to the game.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 – €5.59 –

Don’t let the generic moe girl look but you off this is a very solid turn-based JRPG with a clever and amusingly satirical setting and storyline

Mordheim: City of the Damned – €26.79 –

An excellent adaptation of the original game with some nice changes made to accomodate the new media. Has a bit of a learning curve initially but it’s good fun (better if you know other people who have it)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – €7.99 –

An extremely rewarding CRPG experience in the classic console JRPG vein. A slow beginning gives way to a engaging and entertaining story. The second part has also finally been released so I can unreservedly recommend it.

Elminage Gothic – €2.99 –
A tough but rewarding pure “Wizardry” style dungencrawler. Lacks some of the concessions of modern dungeoncralwers. Also features glorious THACO. Hard to pass up at this price though which is a historical low for it.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! – €22.39 –
Might not be a great discount (then again it’s only out a month). But this is a great game. A rock solid 2D fighter with an amazingly amount of depth and unmatched customisation.

Sine Mora – €1.49 –

A beautiful looking modern shmup. While short it delivers a solid shoot em up experience without requiring the level of dedication some demand.

Contraption Maker – €1.04 –

Spiritual sequel to The Incredible Machine from the original team this is the best Rude Goldberg machine maker money can buy! Add to the fact that you get two copies and its a quid and the only question is why havent you bought it yet?

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut
– €2.99 –

The best version of the best entry in Harebrained’s Shadowrun series (well best out of the first two, haven’t played Hong Kong). A great isometric RPG overflowing with Shadowrun flavour.

Jet Set Radio – €1.99 –

Gameplay is a fun today as when it released on the Dreamcast “back in the day”. The game’s visual style was a big part of the appeal and it looks lovely on the PC version.

Binary Domain Collection – €3.99 –

Binary Domain is a little ropey in places but it has awesome boss battles and is an under-rated TPS

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