Hexcrawl High: Adventurus Interrptus

Only the strongest of campaigns can weather the storm of Christmas and New Year breaks and sadly mine ran aground on the jagged rocks of too long a break and D&D fatigue. Which is a pity as I think the lost city the PC’s were about to reach would have been pretty fun.

I didn’t spend a huge amount of time setting up the city, partially because of the node based model I mentioned in the previous post and partially because doing a lot of prep work was against my campaign goals. That being said I had come up with nine out of the sixteen big encounter’s I’d planned for the city and I think I did a fair job of stretching the encounter design system or at least stretching what I’d been doing with it do far. All of the encounters had unique mechanics and challenges and would shake things up a fair bit. I even made some custom standees for it. Which is tough when you decide to go with unique monsters of your own design (which is why I just flat out didnt have any for some monsters). I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining too much. Truth be told I don’t mind a bit of a break and we left it in a decent enough spot. Might pick it up again later on in the year.

We’ve replaced it with a few boardgame nights and most recently a short D&D campaign Steve is running for his nephew. Who is fourteen and so I constantly try, and fail, to curtail my unconsciously filthy tongue. Which was also a low key goal for this year. I curse too much and its sort of annoying. But you arent here to read about my filthy tongue (most likely you’re here to read something else and entirely and typed in the wrong URL).

So what’s next on the auld RPG chopping block? More or less the anthithesis of this D&D campaign.

Or not: Wrote and forgot to post this back in February. But since then we haven’t got a lot of role-playing done. Steve’s running a two part Dark Heresy 2nd Edition campaign. The first part of which was fun, if fumbled by our crack team of agents. The second part has been, for literally a month, constantly fucked by scheduling issues. Fuck me, half a post in the last six months. So much for my plant to try and get this blog back on track this year.

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