Initial impressions of the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta – Part 2 – Combat and Cut Scenes

Well that was fucking sweet. I was wandering around looking for the Pugilist’s Guild when a message pops up on screen asking me if I was sure if I wanted to leave the area as I might not be able to return. As the area in question was a street I wasnt too pushed and hit yes. Cue some lovely looking in game cut-scene, which leads to your first combat, which ends with some more sweet cut-scene action. This is is how you should do in game “events”.

While I only have one move at the moment combat was quite enjoyable. The lock-on system actually let’s the strafe keys function like strafe keys should. The combat is relatively quick and enjoyable, you’re also pumping out nice high numbers from the start (which shouldnt matter, but we all know it does). I simply cant get over how nice this games looks in motion. Its going to be a struggle to go back to Cataclysm when it comes out.

I also like the fact that there doesnt seem to be any “basic swing” animation/move. Your bog standard attack is a nice flurry of blows which looks cool. The only fly in the ointment so far is the near glacial speed of the tutorial text. Have to say I was initially leery of the “feel” of this game as it didnt really feel like an MMO. But now I think Im over that, what it feels like is a “traditional” JRPG with online elements. Which is awesome.

Best of all, when you complete the first cut-scene bit you get to an area with other players. An area with other players only one of whom has a stupid name, and even it isnt that bad. God I hope that keeps up, any kind of immersion in WoW is ruined by the plethora of retarded names on parade. So yeah, excited about this. Screen shots from the cut-scenes and first combat below. Now back to the game I go (lord I wish you could Alt-Tab).

Listening to: REM - At my most beautiful

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