Tiny weapons and disappointment

Well my update schedule was supposed to be Tuesday and Friday. However Im cream crackered today after staying up last night to finish Mass Effect 2. So after doing the tedious Argent Tournment dailies and going to work I didnt get around to finishing the piece I had planned to post. Hopefully I will get around to doing so tomorrow. Here’s a picture of my Warlock after three days at level 80 to distract your attention (I fucking hate how spindly that dagger is).

(Should point out that these images are lightboxed so if you click on them you get a bigger version, ah technology)

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Grand (re)(re)Opening

So yet another version of the Temple of Mick graces the world wide web. Which means this has been going on for more than ten years at this point. The original joke that started the entire thing has long since died and for the last few years its basically been a blog  (and on the backend somewhere to host files and test our various web doo-dads). But as I was looking towards a new design I realsied that the functionality I wanted to add would require more coding work than I was prepared to invest. Continue reading…