Grand (re)(re)Opening

So yet another version of the Temple of Mick graces the world wide web. Which means this has been going on for more than ten years at this point. The original joke that started the entire thing has long since died and for the last few years its basically been a blog  (and on the backend somewhere to host files and test our various web doo-dads). But as I was looking towards a new design I realsied that the functionality I wanted to add would require more coding work than I was prepared to invest.

This, coupled with the fact that I was paying for mySql hosting that I wasnt using led me to upgrade to a WordPress powered blog. So far it seems like a good move. Its a pretty robust and easily extensible piece of software. The breadth of third party support is particularly apprecaited (especially the iPhone app). At some point over the next month or two I may experiment with producing a full custom theme. But for the moment Im using the freely available Mystique theme. Though I did replace several of the graphics and some of the code and css.

So anyway, going forward I intend to be a bit more rigorous in my blogging. For the first three months I will be updating the blog (at least) bi-weekly, on Tuesday and Friday. Assuming I manage to stick to plan I will also be making a 365 daily post, but the majority of those will be hidden so it shouldnt impact you fair reader.

I had intended to post something more meaty but unfortunately the rigors of power-levelling my Warlock (because playing an Arcane spec on my main doesnt interest me) to 80 took precedence. I thought I might get it done early today but tragically did not.

Here’s what I did as opposed to writing a proper “re-launch” post.

The Scrying Game

Dread Pony

Dread Pony

Large Helmets

Riding the Snake

Over Compensating

Warlock of Persia

How great is playing with other people? (Chat log, bottom left)

Level 80 with the coolest gear in my bank

Level 80 with my actual gear

Edit: Three and a half hours to (half) figure out how to add and output one custom field has slightly soured me on the WordPress experience. It would have been quicker just to type the fucking text in.

Listening to: The New Pornographers - From Blown Speakers

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