Into the desert

Recently the amount of time I spend browsing the web has reached a level where its actively pissing me off. I’d put up with it if I was actually enjoying the time spent. But I dont think I am, it seems lately most of the time is spent in “vigorous” discussion about everything from water rates to (insert whatever stupid inane shit you correctly think of here). So I generally end up irritated because the two standard modes of internet discussion seem to be to simply scream your opinion at one another endlessley or engage in a giant circle-jerk (or echo chamber if you want a classier phrase) where even the mildest criticism is verboten. Both of them redolent with the implicit underlying sensation that no-one is treating anyone else in the discussion as a person as opposed to simply an anonymous source of distraction.

Whether the subjects are as serious as sexual slavery or as light hearted as piecing together the obtuse lore of a videogame these rules seem to hold true. Or perhaps they dont and thats simply my perception. Which would be its own problem. So I’m taking a break. I planned to stop reading manga for Lent, and by planned I mean “Thought idly about it and realised I’d probably go mental”. I sort of feel the same about abandoning the internet, but I feel its necessary. So 40 days from today would place it at May 13th. I’ll still be checking my email and using it for research and job hunting. But apart from that I’m done, no forums, no reddit, no social media. I think I’d be happier if I spent the time staring at a wall so if it comes to it thats what I’ll do. Jesus had to wait a bit for the devil to come tempt him but I can already feel his red right hand tapping me on the shoulder and asking, “Hey dont you want to refresh that page? Just hit F5 buddy”. I’ll let Marillion play me out:

Vent your spleen

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