The desert is full of sand

I presumed that once I had given up my main source of idle distraction that I would become some kind of creative powerhouse, pumping out dem phat words yo! Despite my obvious mastery of street patois that has yet to happen. I’m not sure I know how to live my life without making snide comments on it across various social media websites. I find myself constructing tweets in my head, tweets the world will never see, surely the saddest of tweets. Then again, what was really going to change over a long weekend?

I havent found in a job in the last four days. I havent finished this albatross of a novel, though I have (yet again) scrapped the majority of it. I’m sort of done with Bloodborne until they patch the loading times, amazing game and worth buying a PS4 I’d say. I’ve started Pillars of Eternity finally, my feelings are mixed, its good but at the same time feels like a late nineties fantasy heartbreaker in terms of the mechanics. I finally got a chance to play Among the Stars, enjoyable, the drafting mechanic is cool. Like all board games I have bought I lost to Sean.

I waited sixty days for that missing volume to come. I got a refund. I waited another three days and then I ordered a replacement copy. So of course the missing copy arrived in the post this morning. For two months I was annoyed every morning because it didnt show up and then finally I’m annoyed because it does.

Was waiting to see if my amazingly exciting day would provide more grist for the mill. It did not. I did run into my first major bug in Pillars of Eternity and lost all of todays progress. Game is all over the place. Dont think I can play it any more actually, certainly not for a day or so, so fucking annoying. Oh well got fourteen hours out of it. Not the first game I’ve abandoned over a game breaking bug (looking at you The Walking Dead) and probably wont be the last.

If I’ve set up this plugin correctly my glorious new posts should now generate a tweet, meaning I can make use of the great Satan without rubbing his balls (I may not be entirely clear on how Twitter works)

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