Let’s Play: Elemental War of Magic – Part 01

Ok, after sleeping in and then spending the afternoon reading more Kyou kara Ore wa!! I’ve finally got my hands on and got around to installing the 1.05 patch. So with that done I’m all ready to start a New Game (I’m going to go with the “Sandbox” option as the campaign is, well, pretty fucking boring based on last nights play). Oh wait, after rebooting my machine Windows Explorer is crashing every three to four minutes. Bollocks. Well it’s ten to five at the moment, hopefully I can get this windows explorer bullshit sorted in the next hour or so and I’ll start playing at seven.

Before heading off to battle the vagaries of weird windows problem I’ll post up the setup screens for a New Game. When you select New Game the first screen you are met with is the “Create Your World” screen (shown below). Here you can name your world, set the world size, difficulty, victory conditions and world options. Im going to go with a “Large” world size and “Challenging” difficulty. Going to leave all the options and Victory Condition’s at the default for the moment. Assuming I get no better suggestions by sevenish the world shall be known as Mickgard.

Once you’ve set up the world you move on to selecting your Sovereign (seen below). The initial selection is based on the Sovereign’s available in the campaign. And frankly is pretty uninspiring (apart from that scarred dude). So for the purpose of the Let’s Play we shall be creating our own Sovereign.

Wow the create your own Sovereign option is pretty detailed. As well as the sovereigns raw statistics (seen in Attributes and Talents) you can also customise their appearance and backstory (seen in the Appearance and Backstory tabs, as well as the name, race and sex options).

Hmm the default races are all a little boring. I wonder how difficult/quickly one can mod in their own race? I have to see, even post patch the biggest issue with this game is the terrible (lack) of documentation. No tutorials’ terribly flimsy manual and poor in game encyclopedia/codex all combine to leaving one feeling a little lost. Still I fancy creating a new race. A quick google later I found a Developer’s Journal entry on doing just that. Unfortunately it only contains the first step in creating your own race so my urge to play god will have to take a backseat for the moment. Which means I’ll be selecting from one of the motley lot below.

Once your sovereign is sorted out its on to choosing your faction.

Again these are draw from the games default “lore” and all in all arent super inspiring. Seeing as the 1.05 patch added in faction creation it would be a shame not to see what it can do. So its out to the Main Menu and into the Workshop and then Faction Creator we go. Much like the Sovereign creator the Faction Creator consist on assigning the faction certain attributes (Strengths and Weaknesses) and customising their appearance and backstory (the Apperance and Summary tabs, crest, race and name options, etc).

Once your faction is created you then choose up to ten opposing factions to wage war against. Again you can choose from the games default lore options or create your own.

Holy shit am I sick of windows explorer crashing. Well Im off to try and sort this out. Should start playing in an hour and a half or so. If anyone wants to “get involved” then feel free to suggest values for anything shown above. Which would be:

  • World Name
  • Sovereign Name
  • Sovereign stats, appearance, race, backstory
  • My factions name, stats, appearance, backstory
  • Up to ten enemy factions

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