Let’s Play: Elemental War of Magic – Part 02

Well Windows Explorer seems to be behaving itself so I can finally get around to properly starting this Let’s Play. I received a tragically small amount of input and as such was forced to call upon my much wearied brain for inspiration. Unfortunately my brain seems to be screening my calls at the moment so my factions are based largely on the people I saw or interacted with today (online or off). At the moment there’s no option to create Empires in the Faction Builder due to a small bug. But I dont really understand the difference between Kingdoms and Empires so it doesnt really bother me.

Firstly we have the faction I shall be playing as: The Kingdom of Mickoptamia.

The other kingdoms and empires that dot the face of the world of Mickgard are:

The Lizibethan Matriarchy

The Bog Tribes of Aduum

The Davidian Hegemony

Hmm was doing a bit of random googling and it turns out that even though the Empire aligned faction creation has been temporarily disabled you can still create Empire factions with a bit of XML editing. Which lead to our next bad boys (I noticed in the XML its also possibly to change race skin colours and such, may come back to this). Hmm also found a standalone faction creator. Which should make it relatively easy to make some Empire aligned factions. Ok then I think I’ll go for a 5/5 split.

Seanite Suzeranity

Hmm, seems the standalone creator is rather out of date. Back to XML editing I go.

Kat Khanate

The Dominion

Troggs of Farney

Ev Val Empire

Sarahn Sultanate

Sort of ran out of steam here, certainly didnt create this faction based on what was on my random play. No sir.

The Disciples of Hokuto no Ken

Well with the factions finally completed I can move on and create my sovereign. I already had a name (and sex) for my sovereign thanks to the creation of Mickopatamia. After that it was simply a matter of deciding on stats and coming up with some background information. I decided that as a follower of ZUUL, QUEEN OF SKULLS it was quite likely that prior to rulership Miclificent was most likely killing people for fun and profit. For fun and profit with magic.

With Miclificent created its time to choose a faction for her. Shockingly I decided to go with the faction I designed for her and so she becomes the monarch of the (soon to be founded) Kingdom of Micoptamia.

After that its time to select your opponents, which weve already seen above. So its select them and on to the game.

Listening to: Johnny Cash - I wont back down

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