Let’s Play: Elemental War of Magic – Part 03

Well I was about an hour into the game when I thought that I’d take a break and write up post three. However while browsing the internet I discovered that a hotfix has been released for the 1.05 patch. So I’m going to install that and start again. Or maybe I’ll leave it till tomorrow just in case another patch comes out. Whether I start again or not the game’s turns are a lot more limited than I initially thought, so my initial estimate of ten turns for post is just too small. I think I’ll increase that to fifty for the moment and see how that goes. (Six or seven hours of play later) One other thing Ive noticed is that for sandbox games the game randomly assigns monarchs to each kingdom. Which is weird as theres now three versions of my sovereign ruling three different factions. Which didnt bother me last night but is now pissing me off for some reason. Hmm I could create custom rulers for each custom faction, abandon my current game (Turn 298) and start over for a third time. Hhhhmmmm, it is tempting in some ways, as now I have a much better idea of how the game works and I can try out some things I totally forgot about on my current playthrough (dynasties, sea trade, etc.). Oh well I’m going to be creating the custom sovereigns anyway, so I’ll make them and then see.

The third screenshot is the one featuring each monarch’s amazing backstory.

Queen Lizibeth of the Lizibethan Matriarchy

Queen Lizibeth 1

High Prelate Eldritch of The Dominion

High Chieftan Aduum of the Bog Tribes of Aduum

Empress Ev-Ol of the Ev Val Empire

Seanius of the Seanite Suzerainty

Baron Farney of the Troggs of Farney

The Ken of the Disciples of Hokuto no Ken

This was pretty lazy, changed a whopping two lines of the games default “Youre a miner and found some shit” origin. Oh noes.

Nu’it Sarahn of the Sarahn Sultanate

Kat Khan of the Kat Khanate

Davidius of the Davidian Hegemony

Listening to: Paul Anka - Eye of the Tiger

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