Let’s Play: Elemental War of Magic – Part 4 – The End (for now)

Hmm, well after reading this comment from Brad Wardell here my interest in continuing to play Elemental at the moment has dropped to more or less zero. If as Brad says theres going to be a major content patch out in less than a month which also addresses some of the more irritating issues with the current build of the game then it seems foolish not to put this lets play on hiatus until then. Hell, just fixing mana management issues alone would make the game so much better. I was looking at trying to mod it in myself but it seems the necessary values need to activated globally which cant be done by modders at the moment. At the moment the way magic works is all over the fucking place and mana regen is so slow thats its not a balancing mechanic. Its a fucking punishment. Oh well enough complaining. The game is clearly good enough to abosrb half of my week so Im really looking forward to playing a more balanced and expanded version of it in a month. So until then Im afraid the aventures of Mickgard’s motely monarchs is taking a break. Not that we ever actually got to any in game reports. Ah well such is life.

But I still have an itch to do a lets play, so keep your rss feeds tuned and eyes opened as I may have another one starting mid-week. I think turn based strategy games lend themselves well to lets plays, especially ones where you can name your characters. Unfortunately its a genre that was never particularly huge and has been somewhat non-existent over the last lustrum. I was looking at the spiritual successor to the Jagged Alliance games, Hired Guns : The Jagged Edge. But lackluster reviews have sort of put me off the idea. So at the moment Im looking at Jagged Alliance 2 (most likley with the fan mod Path 1.13), X-COM: Enemy Unknown or Silent Storm. I’m leaning towards Jagged Alliance 2, as I find the idea of controlling amoral mercenaries named after my friends and family amusing.

Oh wait, I’ve just discovered Minecraft. Oooh this looks freakishly addictive.

Listening to: Bob Dylan - Tangled up in Blue

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