Lets Play: Jagged Alliance 2 (1.13 Patch) – Adopt a Merc

Well I bought Minecraft. It’s only a tenner and it looks awesome. But post purchase Im just not feeling it, just like with all those prostitutes, luckily for Minecraft though I cant kill it, I’ll just not play it for the moment. So I’ve decided to give Jagged Alliance 2 with the 1.13 fan patch/mod installed a go.

Now the default setup for JA2 is that you are an uber (player-created) mercenary hired to liberate some fictional South American country from a naughty dictator. You do this by hiring other (pre-set) mercenaries, taking cities, training militia and so on. However the 1.13 patch allows us to increase the number of player created mercenaries to six (three male and three female). Which is where the adopt a mercenary bit comes in. You can either wait and see what pre-set mercenaries you meet ingame and “adopt” one of them; or you can nominate yourself (or someone else) to take one of the player created mercenary slots. So if youve always wanted to load yourself down with an obscenely powered anti materials rifle and head off to the jungles of Colombia for some well paid manslaughter than step right up! (Or as the games hard as fuck you may get your jollies by seeing someone bleed out in the field because Ive forgotten the bandage command).

Im going to start playing around noon tomorrow, so if you want to live the life of a virtual mercenary (or nominate someone for a virtual press-ganging) then just comment here or on facebook. Oh and feel free to make a note of what kind of weapons or personality traits you want your merc to have.

Jagged Alliance 2 Setting

Jagged Alliance 2 takes place in the fictional nation of Arulco, ruled until the late 1980s by a unique democratic monarchy – a monarch led the nation, but elections were held every ten years to assert their legitimacy. In 1988, election candidate Enrico Chivaldori took a wife, Deidranna Reitman of Romania, in order to boost his popularity and consequently was victorious. However, Deidranna proved to be far more than a simple pawn; showing an unquenchable thirst for power, she soon framed Chivaldori for the murder of his father. Enrico managed to escape, faking his own death. Removing all other obstacles from her way, she soon consolidated her power and converted Arulco into an authoritarian state.

When the game begins, Chivaldori has hired the player to remove Deidranna by whatever means necessary. He puts the player and his team of mercenaries in contact with a rebel movement in the northern town of Omerta. Omerta suffered a massive raid shortly before the events of the game, leaving the town damaged and nearly deserted. The rebel leader Miguel Cordona, former election candidate and opponent of Enrico, guides the player to the city of Drassen.

Listening to: Little Richard - Long Tall Sally